9 Best Missoula Breweries to Visit This Summer

A list of the best Missoula breweries can be extensive understanding that this Montana town has a long and varied history of brewing beer. To the locals, Missoula is a beer town. The early start of the best Missoula breweries began in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. This town is a craft beer pioneer, serving hop beers 10 years before they became widespread and as well known as they are today.
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The Best Missoula Breweries

Local Dining Scene and Craft Brews in Missoula, Montana

Most people think of Missoula Montana as primarily an outdoor town, with access to world-class outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and skiing. And while this is all true of this beautiful town, what most visitors aren’t privy to is that Missoula is known to locals as a beer town. It’s no surprise when you think about what’s the best thing to have after a long day of hiking? An ice-cold beer, of course! From spots to grab a quick beer to places that are great to order a meal and stay for a while, the best Missoula breweries include a diverse list. Here are our picks for the 9 best Missoula Breweries.

  1. At Kettlehouse Brewing the passionate owners hope to match the quality of the beers with the quality of the outdoor experiences of Missoula. They have had a long history in this town, starting their brewing process back in 1995. They offer 2 taprooms that are open as well as curbside pickup through their online portal.
  2. Tamarack Brewing Company began just north of Missoula in Lakeside, MT in 2007. In 2011 they opened their second location in downtown Missoula across from Caras Park. They pride themselves on being a family business and have been community-minded since the beginning. This fun, sports pub environment serves up lunch and dinner during the week and offers a weekend brunch.
  3. Draught Works Brewery has the distinction of being the best of the best Missoula breweries. In 2019 they won the best brewery award out of all the amazing breweries in Missoula. They serve up anything from ales and lagers to more experimental styles like a Hazy Latte IPA and hard seltzers. The taproom and patio are still open and they are welcoming customers back into their interesting and eclectic space.
  4. Big Sky Brewing is a well known Missoula establishment that serves up the popular “Moose Drool” Brown Ale that is sold all around the country. There is a wide selection of beers, hard seltzer and they even have their own brand of sparkling water!
  5. Bayern Brewing is one of the oldest and only german microbrewery in the Rockies. Here they offer Bavarian-style beers of lagers, pilseners, and hefeweizen. Their Edelweiss Bistro serves up delicious, high-quality food. It is their mission to have sustainable business practices with being mindful of being environmentally responsible.
  6. Great Burn Brewery is a lesser-known brewery that is located on the south side of Missoula. The taproom is open and available to enjoy the west coast inspired hop-forward beers on tap. A must-try for IPA enthusiasts!
  7. Highlander Beer has a long history going back to 1890 and was a mainstay for locals for decades. You can’t exclude this establishment on a list of the best Missoula breweries! In 2015 they re-opened their doors and continue to serve quality IPAs, wheat ales, lagers, and even hard yerba mate! They have a selection of artisanal pizzas as well as other dinner options.
  8. Conflux Brewing Company is a family run business that is 100% locally owned. Just opening in 2018, they try to create the atmosphere of a pub, being a place for community and warmth. The menu features as many local ingredients as they can. “Foodie” beers are twists on old classics along with experimental brews that are intended to complement your dining experience.
  9. Imagine Nation Brewing is the most unique brewery on our list of the best Missoula breweries due to the fact that it is the country’s first combination microbrewery and center for community transformation. Their purpose is to bring the community together to create a dialogue and teach mindfulness in order to inspire social change for the better. All that plus delicious beer!

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