Recipes from Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

Crafting Crepes: Swedish Pancakes For Breakfast!






Are you celebrating National Crepe Day or just craving some crepes?  Either way, look no further- we have the perfect breakfast recipe for you to try!  There are many different types of crepes, from sweet to savory, filled and unfilled.  Because of their popularity, there are also different ethnic varieties!  We are partial to the type known as Swedish pancakes which are extremely light.  It’s always fun to share a bit of our Swedish heritage with our guests.  When you visit our inn you will see quite a few Swedish influences, from our Fjord horses at the base of the mountain to the delicate and very delicious Swedish pancakes we often serve.


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The Scandinavian countries adopted traditions from many other European countries- among them, the crepe from France! The first time I tried this delicacy was actually in Libby, Montana during their Scandinavian Fest.  Brady and I had never tasted a pancake so delicate and lovely that it felt like it was melting in your mouth.  We ask for the recipe, which was large enough to feed a small army!  It called for three gallons of milk and more chickens than I want to imagine for the eggs!

Long before opening our bed and breakfast, we reduced the Libby recipe and experimented a bit.  The final “product” is delicious and a favorite of guests, family and friends.  We hope you will try this recipe for yourself or come visit us in beautiful Missoula, Montana, where we do the cooking for you!  Believe me when I say, there’s nothing quite like a Swedish Pancake that’s hot off the griddle and still warm to the touch.

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Ingredients (should be at room temperature):

1 1/4 C. flour

3 C milk

5 eggs

5 T sugar

5 T butter

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Reserve 2 cups worth of the milk.
Mix 1 cup of the milk with all of the ingredients and stir.
Next, slowly stir in the rest of the milk.
Melt butter on a regular griddle at 375 degrees or higher.  Use 2-3 tablespoons of batter to make a 4 inch, round pancake.
When the pancake looks slightly brown, carefully flip it over (about 30 seconds per side).
Roll up the pancake and place it in a warming oven while you cook the rest of the cakes.
Once you get the hang of making one pancake, you can try making 2-4 at a time.


DSCF2650 red currants, home made jam





To Serve:

Take the entire platter of crepes out of the warm oven and sprinkle them with powdered sugar.
Try one of the delicate pancakes without extra toppings so you experience the light, buttery beauty of this special crepe!
Additional butter and home made jam can be placed on the table.  We hand pick red currents from the garden to make syrup.
A traditional Swedish Lingonberry preserve is fun to try as well!


area around missoula (31) smallA Vacation in Missoula:
Missoula is a wonderful place to come on a vacation.  Our town has so much culture, history and nature to offer tourists.  We have blue ribbon trout streams, concerts, unique shopping opportunities and so much more.  If you wish to enjoy nature while still being able to enjoy city events, then a get-away at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is perfect for you!  In the winter there’s skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and indoor events.  In summer you’ll enjoy hiking, horse back riding and so much more.  One activity that is both popular with kids and adults is the Missoula Carousel.  Our Fjord horses were used as models for the two carved, carousel Fjords.  You can enjoy the carousel any time of the year and the artistic craftsmanship and variety of ponies is remarkable.



Tasty Buttermilk Biscuits from Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

May 14th is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

You will find that our Blue Mountain B&B BUTTERMILK BISCUITS will literally melt in your mouth.  They are hard to resist right out of the oven and make a delicious treat smothered in honey or homemade jam.  For our guests, these flaky homemade biscuits are a breakfast favorite when served with our biscuits and gravy recipe, passed down through the family.

The biscuits also make an excellent lunch accompaniment when paired with one of our savory soup recipes.  For dinner, they always go nicely with one of our many Western BBQ specialties.  Every year, we have a French family that stays with us just for our BBQ dinner and the views that go with it.

Note: Just adding shredded cheddar cheese to the dough and basting them with melted garlic butter gives the biscuits a whole new, amazing twist!

Buttermilk biscuits are almost in the same league as baseball and apple pie- a true American standard.
No matter what meal you serve the biscuits with, they always will be a BIG HIT!

Basic Ingredients:

4 C                   FlourBUTTERMILK BISCUITS
2 T                   Baking powder
2 tsp.                Sugar
1 tsp.                Salt
12 T                 Butter
1 ½ – 2 C          Buttermilk


Preheat oven to 450 degrees

*Breakfast Biscuits (We often serve with biscuits and gravy.)

-Mix dry ingredients together, then cut in butter with a pastry knife.  The butter should be in pea-sized pieces (or just a bit larger).
Fold in buttermilk and then knead on floured surface about 6 or 8 times.  Pat out to 1″ thick (an 8×8 inch square).  Cut in 16 pieces and bake for 14 min.

*Dinner Biscuits (Served with savory soups and BBQ dinners)

-Add the larger amount of milk and mix in 2 C. shredded cheddar cheese.  Drop large spoon fulls of dough onto a baking sheet (we use a silicone baking sheet or parchment paper).
Bake for about 14 min.   Take out of oven and baste with 3 T.  melted butter mixed with 1 tsp. granulated garlic.  Serve right away!

We hope you enjoy trying these out in your own kitchen or possibly spending a night here at Blue Mountain B&B!  In the summer and early fall, guests enjoy eating outside by the waterfall.  In the winter and spring, our large picture windows look out on our Japanese water garden to the west and the Bitterroot River and Missoula to the east.  The view is ever changing and beautiful and our elevated location makes one feel like they are in a comfortable castle or a mountain chalet.  We welcome you any time of the year for a wonderful retreat!