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Warm Summer Evenings and Outdoor Cinema in Missoula

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema

We take our warm summer evenings seriously at our Montana bed and breakfast. We get out and enjoy them, whether with a dinner picnic, an evening bike ride, or a stroll along the Bitterrroot River. Since early July, movie buffs have been able to enjoy the outdoors and watch movies on the big screen at the same time, thanks to the Missoula Outdoor Cinema There are three more opportunities to do so before the screen comes down until next summer. We encourage you to get out there and experience the warmth of the Missoula community if you happen to be in town during one of these fun screenings.

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema has been bringing community together under the stars since 2002. People head to the historic Northside of Missoula, where early settlers often gathered around the first Missoula depot. The screen hangs close to where Missoula’s first grammar school stood in 1890, and where the people who helped build Missoula often gathered to hear news and celebrate events. Today, folks gather together to watch classics, comedies and children’s movies. So grab a blanket or lawn chair and a bag of popcorn, and enjoy a film with the people of Missoula.

The last three movies of the season are to be Sixteen Candles August 22, Psycho August 29, and the Big Lebowski September 5. All films start at sunset, which of course varies each week. Arrive by 7:30 so you’ll have time to find a good spot and get your popcorn. This is a great way to really participate in the Missoula community while you are staying at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.

Many Weddings at our Missoula B&B

It is wedding season here at our Missoula B&B. There is no finer place for a wedding (in our opinion) than a Montana bed and breakfast. With views of the valley, mountains or gardens from every window, and twenty private acres adjacent to National Forest to explore at leisure, our inn is ideal for a small wedding. Book all four rooms, and host the wedding party. We can accommodate up to 45 people for an outdoor ceremony and reception, 30 people for an informal indoor reception, and 20 people for a formal indoor reception.

We would love to help you create your dream wedding. After all, it is your special day.

Our wedding

Our wedding

Scandinavian Fjord Horses at our Missoula Inn

This is a Scandinavian Fjord horse

This is a Scandinavian Fjord horse

Our community means a lot to us. Our families have been part of the Montana community for generations, and we are proud supporters of the greater Missoula and Bitterroot Valley Communities. Hosting visitors at our Missoula bed and breakfast is a way for us to share some of the favorite aspects of our community with others.

When Missoula cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich offered to build a carousel for the city of Missoula back in 1991, we were thrilled. Mr. Kaparich and an army of volunteers restored and assembled an antique carousel frame and carved all the ponies, chariots and gargoyles. It was fantastic to see the whole community – including children – participate in creating a piece of public art that now stands just 15 minutes from our Missoula Montana lodging. The carousel is a delightful place for children of all ages to visit.

One small way we were able to participate was to offer 0ur Scandinavian Fjord Horses as models for the Carousel ponies. The graceful arch of their necks and their lovely upright manes are reminiscent of carousel horses, so it seemed a good fit. We are delighted that our horses will be giving rides for a long, long time on the Missoula Carousel.

Happenings at our Bed and Breakfast Missoula

The Hawk Pass


One of the reasons we love living in Montana is that we feel a part of nature here. The state of Montana is so vast, and the population so small, that there is room for wildlife; those of us fortunate enough to live here reap the benefits in ways small and large throughout the year.

Recently, I (Elaine) was heading away from our Montana Bed and Breakfast at 7:30 AM; it was a lovely morning. Ahead of me, I saw what I thought was a brown cat just sitting in the middle of the road. Peculiar, I thought. When I got closer, I saw that it was a juvenile hawk that was just learning to fly, and was using the road as an airstrip of sorts. It awkwardly walked about, scratching the ground, until it even more awkwardly took off and flew unsteadily to the top of a nearby ponderosa pine tree. Up the hill a bit I saw its sibling, equally awkward.

Raptors are some of the most graceful birds as they soar elegantly high above our heads, skim just above open fields, and perch attentively atop posts. I have always admired their poise. To be graced with a glimpse of the awkwardness that comes before such elegance was a true honor, and one of the most amazing experiences I have had.

In the library of our bed and breakfast Montana, you’ll find many treasures from my father’s great uncle Ole (born in Sweden). He was one of the first curators, guides and photographers in Yellowstone Park. What a time that must have been, and what a job. To live in one of the most wildly beautiful areas of the country and have the task of recording the raw beauty and treasures of the park was to live a dream. Our lives here are less dramatic, to be sure, but nonetheless we are fulfilling a dream.

New Pet Friendly Lodging In Missoula

Bring your pooch to our Missoula b&b

Bring your pooch to our Missoula b&b

It’s true. Our Missoula MT bed and breakfast now has pet friendly lodging. We love animals big and small, and it has long been a goal of ours to have a space that can welcome dogs. Our Ponderosa Room is just that – newly finished to host you and your best friend.

Many of our guests just can’t stand the thought of traveling without their pooch, and with good reason. The mountains of Montana are so vast and inviting, it seems a shame to keep dogs home in the kennel. After all, a hike just isn’t the same without the family dog bounding up ahead, making sure the coast is clear. Our dog Kitsune bringsĀ  great joy to our outdoor adventures; and we wanted our guests to be able to have the same experience. And now you can.

Montana Family Hikes


Look for wildflowers during your family hike in Montana

We like having families at our Missoula MT bed and breakfast. Montana has great activities for children and adults who enjoy being out-of-doors. Hiking is one such activity, as trails can range in difficulty from extremely easy (think children under five and adults of an excellent vintage) to extremely challenging (think uber-hikers). In short, there is a trail for every walk of life, each one rewarding in its own right.

Canyon Creek and Blodgett Canyon provide easy, moderate and challenging hikes, and the trailheads are not too far apart. This is a great option for larger groups who can split up into smaller groups with similar energy levels. Those who feel like a long saunter past spectacularly high granite cliffs will find the seven-mile hike through Blodgett Canyon just perfect. Those in search of a steeper trail should check out the path to Canyon Creek Falls and Wyant Lake. There is said to be good fishing at Canyon and Wyant Lakes, which is an excellent excuse to sit and rest for a spell.

We promise to provide a hearty, tasty breakfast at our Bed and Breakfast Missoula. That should get you at least part way up the trail. Huckleberries should be out in August, for nibbling as you walk, but a packed lunch for the top of the trail is definitely in order.

Missoula Weddings


Host your wedding at our Montana inn

We really enjoy hosting weddings at our Missoula bed and breakfast. Our 20 private acres overlooking the Bitterroot Rive, Missoula Valley and Sapphire Mountains are an ideal setting for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. We enjoy hosting all sorts weddings: sunny, warm afternoon affairs, cozy events indoors, or an evening ceremony outside, with the sky ablaze overhead as you say your vows. Be wed outside by a koi pond or waterfall, or on a deck with stunning views at your backs. We can accommodate up to 45 guests for an outdoor ceremony and reception when the weather is fine (June through September). If you prefer an indoor wedding, we can host 20 guests for a formal reception, or 30 guests for an informal one, with some guests at tables and some relaxing in the living area.

We want your wedding to be as relaxing and free of worry for you as possible. We will devote all of our attention to your event; while you are here, your needs are our highest priority. We hope you will consider hosting your wedding at our Montana bed and breakfast.

Great Music in Missoula

It’s great to live near Missoula and the University of Montana. While our Missoula bed and breakfast overlooks a valley and mountains that seem to go on forever, at our backs is a hip little city that has a fantastic arts scene. We think it is a superb location to live and run an inn.

Kevin Costner and Modern West in Missoula

Kevin Costner and Modern West in Missoula

This July, the University of Montana is presenting four fantastic shows at the Adams Center. Any of them would be a great addition to a Missoula vacation. Carrie Rodriguez is the first, performing July 11. She brings the enthusiasm and energy of her youth not just to her violin playing, but to her approach to music as a whole. She is gaining kudos as a songwriter, singer, guitarist and mandolin player. In the words of Andrew Leahy of The Washington Times, “Try to pigeonhole or label such an artist – an unclassifiable musician who, in less than 10 years, has packed more change into her career than someone twice her age – and there’s only one appropriate response: It ain’t over.” (12/12/08)

Just over a week later, on July 19, James McMurtry comes to Missoula to with his own version of rock and roll – or roots and roll, as some have said. He is followed on the 25th by the Cowboy Junkies and Son Volt. The Cowboy Junkies have been playing together for twenty years (as a band, probably longer as a family), and their slow melodic music is seamless. Finally, Kevin Costner and Modern West will perform on July 31. Not everyone knows that Kevin Costner is a muscian as well as an actor. Here is your chance to hear and see him perform.

We don’t get to all the shows ourselves, but we sure like knowing they are there. They are real perks for guests of our Bed Breakfast Missoula.