Scandinavian Fjord Horses at our Missoula Inn

Our community means a lot to us. Our families have been part of the Montana community for generations, and we are proud supporters of the greater Missoula and Bitterroot Valley Communities. Hosting visitors at our Missoula bed and breakfast is a way for us to share some of the favorite aspects of our community with others.
When Missoula cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich offered to build a carousel for the city of Missoula back in 1991, we were thrilled. Mr. Kaparich and an army of volunteers restored and assembled an antique carousel frame and carved all the ponies, chariots and gargoyles. It was fantastic to see the whole community – including children – participate in creating a piece of public art that now stands just 15 minutes from our Missoula Montana lodging. The carousel is a delightful place for children of all ages to visit.
One small way we were able to participate was to offer 0ur Scandinavian Fjord Horses as models for the Carousel ponies. The graceful arch of their necks and their lovely upright manes are reminiscent of carousel horses, so it seemed a good fit. We are delighted that our horses will be giving rides for a long, long time on the Missoula Carousel.

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