Breakfast and Dinners


 At our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, each morning will bring a delightful beginning to your day. We feature unique dishes such as delicate Swedish pancakes or huckleberry Dutch Babies, individual Pecan crusted French toast, eggs benedict, or even a hearty Missoula, Montana breakfast of tender steak and fresh eggs. 

Accompaniments may include delicacies unique to this Missoula Bed and Breakfast: Blue Mountain blueberry scones, homemade cinnamon rolls, roasted red potatoes with garden vegetables, asparagus gratin or maybe golden fried polenta served with warm maple syrup. We offer home made preserves, fresh fruit, juice, tea, coffee or cocoa to complete your meal.

A morning at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast will have you enjoying delicious breakfast fare while seated in the dining room or from a variety of garden decks.  The views of our waterfall and pond, wild birds and mountains will make an already delightful meal truly memorable!

Dinner: Four or More Guests

This is a very special dining experience, served and prepared in the bed and breakfast dining room or outside by the falls, weather permitting.

  • A Western BBQ with choice of meat or fish, garlic-buttermilk biscuits, house salad, soup or other side and dessert, tea or fresh lemonade. $60.00 per person
  • Many other dinner options such as Italian pasta dinners can be discussed with prices appropriate to the choice and its complexity.

We include a selection of non-alcoholic beverages with dinners. If you wish to bring your own alcohol, we will gladly provide the glassware.

If you are interested in dinner, call us or let us know in the special request section of our reservation page. Below are some brief descriptions of some of our Missoula Bed and Breakfast highlights. Additional details can be viewed on our Seasonal Specials page as well as our Photo gallery: Seasons and Seasonings” page. You can always make ethnic dinner requests!

Seasonal Selections

WINTER offers the perfect time to find a space at our bed and breakfast and curl up with a good book, watch a movie, listen to the old player piano or take a walk in the snow. You can make request an evening of fondue, or a multi-course ethnic dinner featuring Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indian or other cuisine specialties. You may also wish to celebrate with a Medieval feast, a Swedish smorgasbord, or a more traditional meal of roasted meats and vegetables. On Christmas Eve, we invite you to join our family for an evening of food, song, festivities and fun.

SPRING is the perfect time of year to just sit on the deck of this Missoula Bed and Breakfast and enjoy the scent of blossoms while savoring traditional Japanese cuisine that can include delicate shrimp tempura, accompanied by a lovely spring rain salad, green tea and other traditional dishes. Highlights during the season often include a special Mother’s Day tea and mouth watering Mexican cuisine to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

SUMMER On July 4th, Fort Missoula  is booming with an old fashioned celebration. At our Missula Bed and Breakfast, you can enjoy a hearty cowboy BBQ with baked beans, fresh garden vegetables, Montana ranch-raised beef and home-made pie. We would invite you to also sit down to a multi-course Moroccan dinner near our waterfall and lily pond where we will treat you to exotically spiced dishes and a truly unforgettable experience!

FALL we welcome you to join us for a Murder Mystery dinner set in the old West or a Thanksgiving feast that includes a few dishes from our Lewis and Clark Expedition cookbook. Reservations need to be made 3 weeks in advance please.

While staying with us at our bed and breakfast in Missoula,  we look forward to sharing our passion for food with you, and ask that you make reservations well in advance for multi-course ethnic or mystery dinner experiences. Be sure to visit our Photo Album Seasons and Seasonings page as well as our Seasonal Specials pages.

“We love the elegant but relaxed feel of the lodge and Brady and Elaine are delightful hosts, not to mention amazing chefs!” J. T., Massachusetts

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