Hike to the Raptors

Many of the guests at our Missoula bed and breakfast enjoy outdoor recreation. They are drawn to our inn in part because we are situated on 20 acres overlooking the Bitterroot River, adjacent to National Forest; our location draws guests into the outdoors. Walk out our door and onto trails where you may pass several peaceful hours. We’ll even provide a picnic basket if you like.
Of course, there is so much to do in the greater Missoula area that it would be a shame to spend all your time at our Montana bed and breakfast, wonderful as it is. Bird watching enthusiasts know that autumn is a great time to head to the mountains with binoculars in hand, for the fall raptor migration is on. We’d be happy to suggest spots where we’ve had  luck viewing these magnificent birds. Montana is on many migrating routes, and folks have seen over 150 migrating raptors in a single day.
If you enjoy group hikes, look into the Montana Natural History Center’s Raptor Migration Hike. You’ll be lead on a moderate hike up to a ridgeline where you are sure to experience the wonder of this migration, as well as take in incredible views. The expert guide will help you identify the birds you see: such as golden eagles, bald eagles, sharp-shinned hawks, osprey, and red-tailed hawks. Bring your binoculars (if you have them, otherwise the MNHC may provide them), a sack lunch, water and warm clothes. Check out MNHC to register ahead of time.
You may of course hike any day of the week. The Montana Natural History Center’s guided hike takes place Sunday, October 4th, 2009 from 7am to 5pm. After the hike, cozy up in one of our comfortable lounges, or soothe sore muscles in your private whirlpool tub at our b&b Missoula.

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