Cine Cultural and Evironmental Film Fest

The weather is feeling like fall here at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast. Mornings and evenings are chilly, causing us to really hang on to our warm mugs of coffee and tea. This is perfect weather to head indoors and watch good films.
You may remember that Missoula hosted the annual International Wildlife Film Festival last spring. There will be a complimentary film festival coming up in just a few weeks: the Cine Cultural and Environmental Film Fest, sponsored by the International Wildlife Media Center & Film Festival. The Festival starts Wednesday October 21 and wraps up Saturday the 24th. We are enthusiastic supporters of these types of events, because they help keep Missoula culturally vibrant.
Expect to see films about outdoor adventure, indigenous people, environmental issues and world cultures. The breadth of topics covered is part of what makes the Cine Film Fest such an impressive event.
All events associated with the film festival will be at the historic Roxy Theater in downtown Missoula. The theater is not far from our Missoula MT bed and breakfast. Plan to stay a few days with us while you attend this great event. Be sure to allow time to get out and enjoy the wilderness in person, too!

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