Garnet Winter Trail

It’s true that some folks don’t think about heading to a Montana bed and breakfast when the mercury plunges; instead, they dream of points south where taking a walk doesn’t require boots, coat and hat.

But for some of us, winter just isn’t winter without crisp, cold air and snow. We actually look forward to short days and long nights, because we know they’ll bring romps in the snow and steaming cups of cocoa by the fire.
If you are the kind of person who enjoys winter, plan a trip to our Missoula bed and breakfast sometime in the coming months. Bring your skis, snowshoes or snowmobiles (heck, even bring your dog, because we are a pet-friendly lodge) and head out the the Garnet Winter Trail while you are here.
The Garnet Winter Recreation Trail has over thirty miles of marked backcountry trails that are part of a much larger winter trail system. The best way to appreciate winter is to get out in it, and the best way to do that is to don skis or snowshoes and head to the woods. If you aren’t up for thirty miles, Garnet Ghost Town makes a good stop just eleven miles from the parking lot. Bring a picnic and spend a peaceful hour or two back in time.
When you return to the inn, tired and rosy-cheeked, we’ll provide a warm drink and a soft place to sit. Try a board game, browse through books or watch a video, and enjoy views of the snowy Bitterroot Valley.

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