Year: 2009

Lolo National Forest

The Lolo National Forest is a mere few miles down the road from our Missoula Montana bed and breakfast. While the weather is definitely feeling cold out there, and the snows are on their way, there is still time for a well planned hike or two in the Lolo National Forest while you are staying with us. The Lolo Visitor Centers are filled with friendly and informative staff who can help you find the perfect hike for you – and of course, we always enjoy recommending our favorite trails.

This is where you will want to be after exploring the Lolo National Forest

This is where you will want to be after exploring the Lolo National Forest

The Savenac Historic Tree Nursery is an interesting place to enjoy the outdoors without engaging in strenuous activity. It was a nursery for the forest service until the late 1960s, and the arboretum and visitor center there provide a fascinating glimpse into a part of National Forest history that few people stop to consider – the cultivation of trees.

If you are in the mood for a strenuous hike, consider heading to the top of Lolo Peak. You’ll be rewarded with fantastic views and a hearty appetite to enjoy a fine meal back in Missoula (plus a warm soak in a tub at this Montana inn). Just be sure to check the weather, eat a good breakfast here before leaving, and be prepared for anything before embarking on this hike.

Cine Cultural and Evironmental Film Fest

The weather is feeling like fall here at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast. Mornings and evenings are chilly, causing us to really hang on to our warm mugs of coffee and tea. This is perfect weather to head indoors and watch good films.

You may remember that Missoula hosted the annual International Wildlife Film Festival last spring. There will be a complimentary film festival coming up in just a few weeks: the Cine Cultural and Environmental Film Fest, sponsored by the International Wildlife Media Center & Film Festival. The Festival starts Wednesday October 21 and wraps up Saturday the 24th. We are enthusiastic supporters of these types of events, because they help keep Missoula culturally vibrant.

Expect to see films about outdoor adventure, indigenous people, environmental issues and world cultures. The breadth of topics covered is part of what makes the Cine Film Fest such an impressive event.

All events associated with the film festival will be at the historic Roxy Theater in downtown Missoula. The theater is not far from our Missoula MT bed and breakfast. Plan to stay a few days with us while you attend this great event. Be sure to allow time to get out and enjoy the wilderness in person, too!

Hike to the Raptors

Many of the guests at our Missoula bed and breakfast enjoy outdoor recreation. They are drawn to our inn in part because we are situated on 20 acres overlooking the Bitterroot River, adjacent to National Forest; our location draws guests into the outdoors. Walk out our door and onto trails where you may pass several peaceful hours. We’ll even provide a picnic basket if you like. Continue reading

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town

We are fortunate that our bed and breakfast in Missoula MT is close to Garnet, which is considered to be one of the best-preserved Montana ghost towns. It is somewhat of a unique place, with a very different history than frontier gold-mining towns such as Virginia City and Bannack (both of which were lawless, somewhat dangerous places in their heyday). Garnet was settled at the end of the 19th century and had a population of 1,000 hard-working men, women and children in 1898. Folks came to Garnet for gold, but found that it took a certain industrious spirit to access that gold. The hard-rock mines required equipment, and in order to have equipment, the men who mined the gold needed to make a serious investment. They intended to stay, and they built a town to house their wives and children. At its peak, the school in Garnet taught more than fifty children.

Today, Garnet is a peaceful place. Families departed when the mineral deposits became too scarce to support them, but they left behind a main street filled with shops, their school, and many homes. To walk among these is to walk in the footsteps of the men and women who settled the west. Garnet Ghost Town is a tribute to this important part of American history – something we feel strongly about, which is why we support the Garnet Ghost Town Preservation Society. We hope you will find time to visit Garnet while you are staying at our Missoula bed and breakfast; it makes a lovely day trip in the fall, when foliage is colorful and the air is crisp and clean.

Excellent shopping near our Missoula Inn

A convenient place to shop while staying at our Missoula b&b

A convenient place to shop while staying at our Missoula b&b

Our Missoula Inn is beautifully situated onĀ  20 acres of ponderosa pine forest overlooking the Bitterroot Valley. When we awaken each morning we feel like we are in a peaceful, remote place far from a city. And yet we are just minutes from downtown Missoula MT, and all the art, culture, fine dining and shopping that it has to offer.

The Southgate Mall is a good place to spend a few hours on a cold or rainy day (and like it or not, such weather is approaching). Here you will meet all of your shopping needs. There is a food court if hunger strikes while perusing the many shops, and there is always at least one good deal out there. Many guests at our Bed Breakfast Missoula find it a convenient place to purchase items they need during their travels. It’s a great place to find a book, or pick up a sweater or hat.

Of course, there are also many fine shops throughout Missoula, as well.

First Fridays in Missoula


You'll find great art at Missoula's First Fridays

First Fridays is a longstanding tradition that guests of our Missoula bed and breakfast always enjoy. From 5 – 8 pm, Missoula Montana art galleries and museums open their doors and welcome the public inside with complimentary appetizers and refreshments. Artists and gallery owners are frequently on site to discuss the new art exhibits.

The Missoula Art Museum, The Ceretana Gallery, Murphy-Jubb Fine Art, Monte Dolack Gallery, The Clay Studio, The Dana Gallery, The Artists Shop, Montana Art and Framing, Montana Museum of Art and Culture all participate, along with many other shops and restaurants in downtown Missoula. Enjoy the art and appetizers, and then enjoy dinner out before heading back to our Missoula Montana bed and breakfast.

Warm Summer Evenings and Outdoor Cinema in Missoula

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema

We take our warm summer evenings seriously at our Montana bed and breakfast. We get out and enjoy them, whether with a dinner picnic, an evening bike ride, or a stroll along the Bitterrroot River. Since early July, movie buffs have been able to enjoy the outdoors and watch movies on the big screen at the same time, thanks to the Missoula Outdoor Cinema There are three more opportunities to do so before the screen comes down until next summer. We encourage you to get out there and experience the warmth of the Missoula community if you happen to be in town during one of these fun screenings.

The Missoula Outdoor Cinema has been bringing community together under the stars since 2002. People head to the historic Northside of Missoula, where early settlers often gathered around the first Missoula depot. The screen hangs close to where Missoula’s first grammar school stood in 1890, and where the people who helped build Missoula often gathered to hear news and celebrate events. Today, folks gather together to watch classics, comedies and children’s movies. So grab a blanket or lawn chair and a bag of popcorn, and enjoy a film with the people of Missoula.

The last three movies of the season are to be Sixteen Candles August 22, Psycho August 29, and the Big Lebowski September 5. All films start at sunset, which of course varies each week. Arrive by 7:30 so you’ll have time to find a good spot and get your popcorn. This is a great way to really participate in the Missoula community while you are staying at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.

Many Weddings at our Missoula B&B

It is wedding season here at our Missoula B&B. There is no finer place for a wedding (in our opinion) than a Montana bed and breakfast. With views of the valley, mountains or gardens from every window, and twenty private acres adjacent to National Forest to explore at leisure, our inn is ideal for a small wedding. Book all four rooms, and host the wedding party. We can accommodate up to 45 people for an outdoor ceremony and reception, 30 people for an informal indoor reception, and 20 people for a formal indoor reception.

We would love to help you create your dream wedding. After all, it is your special day.

Our wedding

Our wedding

Scandinavian Fjord Horses at our Missoula Inn

This is a Scandinavian Fjord horse

This is a Scandinavian Fjord horse

Our community means a lot to us. Our families have been part of the Montana community for generations, and we are proud supporters of the greater Missoula and Bitterroot Valley Communities. Hosting visitors at our Missoula bed and breakfast is a way for us to share some of the favorite aspects of our community with others.

When Missoula cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich offered to build a carousel for the city of Missoula back in 1991, we were thrilled. Mr. Kaparich and an army of volunteers restored and assembled an antique carousel frame and carved all the ponies, chariots and gargoyles. It was fantastic to see the whole community – including children – participate in creating a piece of public art that now stands just 15 minutes from our Missoula Montana lodging. The carousel is a delightful place for children of all ages to visit.

One small way we were able to participate was to offer 0ur Scandinavian Fjord Horses as models for the Carousel ponies. The graceful arch of their necks and their lovely upright manes are reminiscent of carousel horses, so it seemed a good fit. We are delighted that our horses will be giving rides for a long, long time on the Missoula Carousel.