Indigo Girls in Missoula

Since March is National Women’s History Month, it seems appropriate to promote creative and hardworking women all month. It also seems like a good time for a group of girlfriends to get together at our bed and breakfast Missoula. Play games, sit by the fire, and stay up late reminiscing; then enjoy a delicious breakfast (made for you, not by you) the next morning.
Or, come to Missoula to see the Indigo Girls at the University Theatre, University of Montana. Enjoy the comfort of our Missoula bed and breakfast while you are here.
The Indigo Girls have been going strong for over twenty years. Their most recent album, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, is their first independent release since their first, in 1987. They have also worked tirelessly throughout their careers to raise awareness about the environment and women’s issues.
So call your girlfriends and head to Missoula for the Indigo Girls and a night or two at our Missoula lodge. Their concert is a fitting event during National Women’s History Month.
The performance is at 8pm on Wednesday, March 17, 2010. Tickets are on sale at, or call 243-4051, or 1888-MONTANA.

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