Float on the Bitterroot River

Kayaking is fun way to spend a day.

The Bitterroot River flows past our Missoula MT bed and breakfast, inviting us with its cool waters on hot days. One of our (and our guests’) favorite summer activities is floating down the Bitterroot in canoes, kayaks, tubes and rafts.
There is really nothing like a float downriver. It’s so relaxing to watch the banks slide by, with little or no effort. We usually paddle up stream first, get good and tired, pull over for a picnic, and then trail fingers in the water as the current takes us back to where we began. It’s the best of both worlds: a little exercise, a little relaxation. Simply delightful.
If you don’t happen to travel with your own flotation device, the Trail Head store in Missoula rents kayaks, canoes and rafts. Nearby Dunrovin Ranch also rents canoes and inner tubes, and offers guided canoe trips (full or part day) as well. It should be said that Dunrovin has river frontage, making river excursions extremely convenient.
We promise to feed you a hearty breakfast before sending you off for a river adventure. Once you return to our bed and breakfast Missoula, grab a cool drink and settle yourself on a deck with a view of the Bitterroot, admiring the waters you just traveled.

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