Carousel Sunday Market

Farmers Markets are all the rage these days, and with good reason. It is a wonderful feeling to walk among stalls bursting with fresh vegetables and fruits, knowing they were grown close to where you stand. Frequently it is the farmers themselves who man the stalls; you can talk to them about what they do, ask about their crops, and maybe even learn their favorite way to cook the food. Furthermore, Farmers Markets are the place to learn about unusual food – items not typically found in large grocery stores. You may find yourself falling in love with scape, for example.

In our town, there is a wonderful market on Sundays. The Carousel Sunday Market takes place just east of the Missoula Carousel, close to our Missoula bed and breakfast. It starts at 1pm, and runs through October 17, 2010. In addition to fresh, local produce, there is live music and an arts and crafts festival each week. Browse for yourself or get a head start holiday gift shopping. Dance as you shop your way from one stall to the next, nibbling baked good, cheeses, and fruits as you go.
If you are in Missoula on a Sunday –  staying at our bed and breakfast Missoula over a weekend, or coming Sunday for a mid-week stay – be sure to stop by the Carousel Sunday Market. Even if you aren’t up for purchasing anything, you’ll witness the best of the Missoula community.

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