Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

August is a wonderful time to travel to Western Montana and stay in our Missoula bed and breakfast. Snows have receded and trails are open to the highest peaks in the mountains, and outdoor festivals abound. The incredible natural beauty of the state astounds those who visit it for the first time and those of us who live here. Rafting, mountain biking, hiking – all these activities and more are at your fingertips when you stay at our Montana inn in August.
One of the best spots in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley is the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, formally known as the Ravalli National Wildlife Refuge. Just north of the quaint town of Stevensville, it enjoys terrific view of the Bitterroot Mountains and Valley. About 2.5 miles of trails lead visitors through the refuge to scenic overlooks, where there is a good chance you’ll spot interesting wildlife.
The Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge is also a good spot to learn a little about the history of the Bitterroot Valley and the people who once lived here. Learn why the Salish who lived here for centuries called the  mountains VCk Welk Welqey, which means “the tops are red”. Visit the Whaley Homestead. But most of all, take in the vast beauty of the land.

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