Montana CINE Festival

The Montana CINE International Film Festival takes place in Missoula October 19 – 23, 2010. If you are coming into town for the festival, either as a film-maker or a film-goer, consider staying at our bed and breakfast Missoula.

The mission of this Montana festival is “to feature films that create a dialogue on current and critical issues ranging from hunting to land use, agriculture to food, ranching, mining, recreation, social, cultural and political topics…. The Montana CINE International Film Festival completes a global picture of why and how we live in our world and interact with our environment.” This festival has been showcasing a fascinating array of feature films and documentaries on a wide range of topics since 2003.
We welcome cinephiles at our Missoula bed and breakfast. Films will be showcased at the historic Roxy Theatre, which is in the heart of downtown and just 6 miles from our inn. Our hearty, sumptuous breakfast will sustain you through a solid day of film viewing.

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