Thanksgiving in Missoula

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday here at our bed and breakfast Missoula. After all, what could be better than sharing a delicious meal with the people you love? It’s a time to reflect on what is good in life and be thankful for it – and that is necessary, indeed.

Pecan & Pumpkin Pies
Thanksgiving is almost here.

Thanksgiving is also a time of travel. In spite of crowded airports and congested roads, this is a holiday that brings people together. Families drive across the state and fly across the nation to sit at the table together and give thanks. It’s beautiful, really.
Of course, it isn’t without stress. Our beloved national menu includes a large bird that can take hours to cook, numerous side dishes, and at least two types of pie. Even the most fearless chefs have been known to lose their calm when the gravy is lumpy and the turkey dry. Sometimes house guests just put everyone over the edge, no matter how much you love each other.
The solution? Stay at our Missoula bed and breakfast when in town for Thanksgiving. Be with your family and friends when you want to be, have your own space, and be thankful.

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