Philipsburg’s Opera House Theatre

About 75 minutes southeast from our Missoula MT Bed and Breakfast is the quaint town of Philipsburg. Historic buildings line the streets of the town’s small downtown area, filled with interesting gem shops, heavenly candy stores, and tasty restaurants. Philipsburg makes a terrific day trip for guests of our Bed and Breakfast Missoula, especially during the long days of summer.

A unique attraction in Philipsburg is the Opera House Theatre. Recognized as the oldest continually operating theatre in the state of Montana, it has been entertaining the public since 1891. For that reason alone it’s worth a visit.
See the following productions during the 2011 season at the Philipsburg Opera House:

  • Leaving Iowa: a riotous comedy about family vacations.
  • Security Breeches: an adult-themed farce about espionage and underwear.
  • Vauderville Variety Show: a fun mix of music and comedy.

Don’t just travel to Philipsburg for the theatre. While there, pan for gems. It isn’t necessary to drive the winding road to Sapphire Mountain, for buckets of gem-filled earth are brought to several locations in town. Good eyes and patience will undoubtedly be rewarded with a few sapphires or other gems. Professionals will evaluate your treasure, which you may either keep as is or have heat treated and faceted.
Additional information and tickets for the Opera House Theatre are available at Opera House Theatre.
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