Montana History Conference 2011

Conflict and war have been part of human society since its inception. The 38th Annual Montana History Conference will explore the the role of conflict and warfare the weekend of September 22 – 24, 2011, in Missoula, Montana. This event commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the United States entry into WWII. Save the date now, and plan to spend the weekend at our peaceful Missoula Bed and Breakfast as you delve into the history of war.

Given that warfare is too large a topic to be examined in one weekend, the Montana History Conference will focus on the following aspects:

  • The role of warfare in traditional Native American cultures
  • Contributions to our nation’s wars by citizens of Montana
  • The impact national wars had on life in Montana
  • Montanans’ efforts to resist armed conflict

Conference highlights include:

  • Workshops about – and visits to – Fort Missoula, which was used as an internment camp for Italian detainees and Japanese residents during World War II
  • Educators Workshops
  • Native Words, Native Warriors – how Native American languages helped the country’s war efforts.
  • Rethinking Warfare in Traditional American Indian Societies.
  • Fighting Prejudice at Home.

Dr. Richard Etulain will present the Keynote address on Montana, Lincoln, and the Civil War. Learn what was happening in the American West during the Civil War. Dr. Etulain is considered the premiere American scholar on Abraham Lincoln and the American West.
The Montana History Conference is sure to be exciting and informative. It will also be tiring. Participants who lodge at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast will be able to escape from the buzz at the end of the day.
Additional information may be found at Montana Historical Society.
Teachers participating in the Montana History Conference may obtain up to 22 OPI Teacher Renewal Units.

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