Snow, Snow, Snow!

There is snow on the mountains, and there is more snow on the way. Snow may have been late to arrive this winter, but it seems like it’s here to stay, now. That’s good news for skiers, snow boarders, and snowshoers. Grab your board, skies, or shoes, and head for our Missoula Bed and Breakfast as soon as you can.
The Montana Snowbowl Ski Area is 100% open and boasts 100 inches of snowpack at the summit.
The trails at Lolo Pass are covered in powder. A marked, 3-mile long snowshoe trail begins and ends at the Visitor Center, which doubles as a warming hut in the winter. Several other trails depart from nearby, including but not limited to: the fairly difficult 6-mile long Packer Meadows loop, the easy 2.1-mile Glade Creek loop, and the very difficult 14-mile Moose Ridge loop.
Trails through Blue Mountain Recreation Area, adjacent to our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, are also great for snowshoeing.
These are the salad days for folks who love snow. Don’t let them pass you by without spending as much time in it as you can.

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