Mother’s Day in Missoula

Treat your mother to a weekend at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast for Mother’s Day. It’s the least you can do.

mother's day in Missoula Bed and Breakfasts
Do something nice for your mother this Mother’s Day.

Whisk mom away for some special time together. That will mean more to her than any other gift you could give her. This is especially true if you live far from your mother and don’t get to see her often.
Invite her for a weekend away. Browse the art galleries and shops of downtown Missoula. Take her out to lunch. Take her out to dinner. Stay up late in our comfy lodge, talking or playing games or watching a movie. Linger over a gourmet breakfast in the morning. Reconnect.
What mom wouldn’t love a few days at a Missoula Bed and Breakfast, especially if she can share the experience with her sons and/or daughters?

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