Scandinavian Roots in Montana

Here at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast, we have a little bit of Scandinavian charm mixed in with our Western heritage.  Yes, there are Scandinavian roots in Montana! From carpenter tools, antiques and stories handed down through the generations, to darling Christmas decorations and favorite children’s books, to our three precious Fjord horses, we celebrate our Swedish roots and the Scandinavian culture that has greatly impacted the West.
When a person has family roots that are truly embedded in an agricultural life style, it changes one’s perspective I suppose.  People who work the land get attached to it in a way that is unique.  They toil and sweat, but live life honestly and proudly.  They collect memories and pass down a life saving’s of meager farm implements and hands-on knowledge to their children and children’s children.  And, in the case of my great grandparents, when the soil can no longer even meet the most basic of family needs, they gather their most beloved things and start a new.

In our guest library, sits an America Trunk which came down through my father’s side of the family.  It still makes me weep to think about the generations before me, choosing between the most precious and most practical of items that would follow them to a new land.  They knew full well that only through a few tattered photos, would they ever see certain loved ones again or their Swedish family farmstead surrounded by lush meadows, forests and so many childhood memories.
I know that through those generations of tears, there was also much happiness that came from a true appreciation of family and hard work.  The family heirlooms that have been handed down to me have a very special place in my heart and home.  They give me a connection to the past that I otherwise would not have.  They also give me an appreciation for the little moments in life that are so precious and the knowledge that perseverance and even sacrifice often bring good things in the end!
I hope you will continue this journey with me from week to week (usually on a lighter note) as you get to know more about my favorite fuzzy Fjord companions as well as some very interesting historical tidbits that relate to early Scandinavian pioneers of the West

See you next time.
Elaine and the three Fjord buddies

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