Events at Missoula’s Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast- retreats, family reunions, weddings and non-profits!

One of the things we look forward to most here at our inn are all of the events we host.  There is something refreshing, vibrant and exciting about a group of people coming together and celebrating!  Whether it’s a small

wedding, a family reunion, a business or a church retreat, it’s thrilling to be a part of.
We’ve enjoyed numerous groups over the course of several years, each coming to our bed and breakfast for different purposes.  In some way or another, each group seems to find a sense of renewal and kinship during their stay with us.  It’s been especially rewarding to watch business meetings succeed in setting and writing goals that they wish to reach.  Having the ability to meet in a refreshing location where one is truly surrounded by nature seems to help the mind focus and rejuvenate.  I’m glad we’ve been able to play our part in helping a variety of groups succeed and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future.  Thanks, Lake Missoula Group (LMG Security), Unity Church of Missoula and others for making what we do here so rewarding!
One of our goals as innkeepers of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is to help local non-profits flourish.  Through promotion and charitable gift giving, we hope to encourage the larger community in helping such worthy organizations give meaning to our lives here in Missoula.  Some of these groups never end up spending time at our bed and breakfast, but quite a few do.  This winter and spring, we’ve been honored to host events for several of our non-profit favorites or help them by contributing to their auctions or other events.  We make donations to additional causes, but the following non-profits have been priorities for us as of late.

Please let us know if we can help your family, business or non-profit in some way.  We would love to host your event and because we are such a small place, we are able to truly cater to your individual needs.  Groups of 5-15 for business meetings and up to 45 for weddings are our forte.  Feel free to visit our guest pages for additional information or to make a reservation.  Some of the things we offer here at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast include:

  • Free Wireless internet
  • Projector and screen for powerpoint presentations or movie viewing
  • Sound system and bluetooth speakerphone
  • Tables, chairs, china and other amenities
  • Meeting space in either our Lewis and Clark Lodge facility or Hawk Hill House
  • Many indoor and outdoor sitting areas with spectacular views of the forest and water gardens, Missoula Valley and Bitterroot River
  • Twenty acres of wildlife habitat that adjoins Federal Land, including walking trails that connect to The Blue Mountain Recreation Area
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