Blue Mountain Christmas 2014

Brady and Elaine love sharing the beauty of their Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Missoula, Montana!  This is the most wonderful time of year to reflect upon fond memories during this Christmas and to look forward to brand new experiences in the coming New Year.

There is so much to do in Missoula during the winter time.  Ice fishing, ice skating, downhill skiing, cross country skiing,  snowboarding, snowshoeing,  and even snowmobiling.

small img 6025
This antique formerly was a covered wagon
Guests will see this sign while on their way to Missoula!
small image 6010
Our Blue Mountain B&B sign next to some greenery with bows
Cooking and events (21)small
The table is set just for you this Christmas!
We make Aebelskivers, a delicious Danish delicacy

More information about how we spend the holidays, and our delicious recipe for Aebelskivers, can be found in last season’s blog post.

IMG_6262 small
Our Blue Mountain coffee mug and a University of Montana Grizzly alongside holiday pine cones
IMG_6268 small
The little carved horses are Dala Horses (Swedish) and are toys based from Fjord horses like the mare we have at Blue Mountain.
IMG_6307 small
Swedish Christmas books with figurines
IMG_6255 small
The Blue Mountain Christmas tree next to our piano
IMG_5966 woodpecker on Christmas tree small crop
This bird reminds us of the real birds we see outside our B&B!
IMG_6245 small
We put flags from around the world on our Christmas tree

We sell Christmas gifts, including precious ornaments, as well as other unique gifts in our Wood Ducks and More Country Store.

The Nutcracker ballet was named after this festive holiday decoration
area around missoula (31) small
Missoula’s Downtown Hand-Carved Carousel is offering free rides on Christmas Day starting at 11 am!

We extend an invitation to all those interested in taking the Montana vacation of their dreams in the New Year to come. Brady and Elaine of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast are pleased to show their hospitality to you and yours.

Lodge (2) small
Our Hawk Hill Lodge coated with beautiful snow
Snow on trees 2-20-03 034 small crop winter b&b
From our deck, guests get a gorgeous view of snow-covered trees

Written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

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