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Missoula Outdoor Cinema 2015

The Breakfast Club.jpg

Missoula Outdoor Cinema 2015 kicked off on July 3, 2015 with the movie Breakfast Club. This 1985 movie (rated R) celebrated the 30th anniversary of this classic John Hughes film.  The Breakfast Club chronicles one day in the life of five high school students – all different stereotypes. They meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Each year the North Missoula Community Development Corporation (NMCDC) strives to bring you an eclectic mix of new, classic, children’s, independent, and perfect date night films. This started with a trial weekend in the summer of 2002.  Missoula Outdoor Cinema was enormously well-attended from the start. Its season has grown to fill every weekend of July and August.

There are nine more movies showing in Missoula Outdoor Cinema 2015:

Dirty Dancing.jpg

Dirty Dancing
(1987) (PG-13)
Saturday, July 11
1 hour 40 minutes

Sunset – 9:30 pm

Spending the summer of 1963 in a holiday camp with her family, Frances “Baby” Houseman, a privileged daddy’s girl, falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle.

To Kill a Mockingbird poster.jpg

To Kill a Mocking bird
(1962) (unrated)
Saturday, July 18
2 hours 9 minutes

Sunset – 9:24 pm

Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge and his kids against prejudice. Relive this powerful classic just in time to read the highly anticipated sequel to the novel.

A Hard Days night movieposter.jpg

Hard Day’s Night
(1999) (G)
Saturday, July 25
1 hour 45 minutes

Sunset – 9:17 pm

A 1964 British black-and-white comedy film directed by Richard Lester and starring the Beatles—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—during the height of Beatlemania. The film portrays several days in the lives of the group.

How to Train Your Dragon Poster.jpg

How to Train Your Dragon
(2010) (PG)
Saturday, August 1
1 hour 38 minutes

Sunset- 9:08 pm

Long ago on the Island of Berk, a young Viking, Hiccup, wanted to join his town’s fight against the dragons that continually raid them. However, his father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can’t bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon begin a friendship that opens up both their worlds.


Dead Man
(1995) (R)
Saturday, August 8
2 hours 1 minute

Sunset – 8:58 pm

On the run after murdering a man, accountant William Blake encounters a strange North American man named Nobody who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world.


Iron Man
(2008) (PG-13)
Saturday, August 15
2 hours 6 minutes

Sunset – 8:47 pm

An early favorite in the Marvel Comics movie series, the first Iron Man explains this super hero’s surprising origins. After being held captive in an Afghan cave, industrialist Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight against evil, but it leads him to conflict within his own company.

League of their own ver2.jpg

A League of Their Own
(1992) (PG)
Saturday, August 22
2 hours 8 minutes

Sunset – 8:34 pm

A fictionalized version of the real life All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League, A League of Their Own centers on two sisters who join the league while most of the men of baseball-playing age are fighting in World War II. Their coach, one-time home-run champion Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks), is now a broken-down alcoholic who sobers up as the team begins to show promise. The question is whether these competitive sisters can come together to take their team to the World Series.


The Chronicles of Narnia
(2005) (PG)
Saturday, August 29
1 hour 57 minutes

Sunset – 8:22 pm

When the Pevensie family is evacuated out to the country during WWI, they are unaware of the adventure they will encounter. During a game of hide and seek, the youngest daughter, Lucy discovers a wardrobe which transports her to the land of Narnia. Covered in snow, Narnia is full of weird and wonderful creatures, but is watched over by the evil White Witch, Jadis. When all four Pevensie children end up through the wardrobe, they discover that it was meant to be, as two daughters of Eve and two sons of Adam must join with the mighty lion, Aslan to defeat the evil White Witch.

And We Were Young
(2015) (R)
Saturday, September 5
1 hour 55 minutes

Sunset – 8:08 pm

The interwoven stories of And We Were Young together give the whole arc of U.S. intervention in Europe, from enlistment and passage to France aboard pestilent troop-ships, through baptism by fire and lead and, for those who lived to tell about it, to the Armistice and beyond. Selected carefully from first-person accounts passed down in letters, journals, memoir and interviews, the dusty words of the men and women who were there come alive in silhouetted scenes of surprising beauty as well as shocking brutality. Mindful of this fine line, Smetanka’s feature debut demonstrates what fighting men have always noticed: that war, in all its abject ugliness, can have its senseless beauty, too.

A Missoula couple grabs popcorn before an MOC show

Photo Credit: Michelle Gustafson Photography

Hosts Brady and Elaine of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast of Missoula, Montana welcomes guests from all over the world to their quiet, scenic mountain retreat that is conveniently close to the heart of Downtown Missoula as well as the University of Montana.  Missoula Outdoor Cinema is just one of the many exciting activities to do in Montana this summer.

Written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

Run Wild Missoula Marathon

Missoula MarathonThe lovely Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast of Missoula is fortunate to be located in an active community that encourages running.  The Missoula Marathon, happening July 10-12 in 2015, is brought to us by Run Wild Missoula.  Run Wild Missoula promotes and supports running and walking for people of all ages and abilities. With over 1,700 members, they offer races, group runs, track workouts, seminars and more.

Rated in 2010 as USA’s Best Marathon, experienced runners come back year after year to run the Missoula Marathon.  United States Olympian Jeff Galloway said that this is one of the top four or five courses he has ever run.  That should not discourage those with less experience, because this was also rated as one of the Top 10 Marathons for Beginners.  Now people from all fifty states plus at least ten different countries participate every year.

The people of Montana involved in organizing the race are passionate, friendly, and supportive.  They also are organized and give regular updates via email and social media for race participants to see.  Runners feel welcomed and prepared.  Missoula is a great place to stay active and live healthy.  Residents have the benefits that come from most bigger towns, but they still experience a local community feeling.

Starting at 6 am, with the sun coming up, runners begin with breathtaking views of the valley and the gorgeous surrounding mountains.  As they run in a beautiful ranch setting and up on the hillsides,  go past the University of Montana area, and on to Downtown Missoula.  As runners make that last turn onto Higgins, they experience a rush from the crowds of people lining the streets cheering them on.

The short five minute video below shows people exactly what to expect.  One runner said, “You try to find a course that is a little bit of everything and I think that is what Missoula is.”

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast can be your place of rest, with our luxurious bedrooms, and refreshment, with our delicious and hearty breakfasts. However you stay active or relax, hosts Brady and Elaine accommodate guests with their warm hospitality.

Written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

Missoula Spring Theatre 2015

Innkeepers Brady and Elaine of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast are thankful that their guests can experience incredible theatrical performances right here in Missoula, Montana.
THE RAINMAKER — March 20-22, 25-29, 2015

The Missoula Community Theatre is proud to present THE RAINMAKER. Richard Nash’s charming non-musical play about love, family, drought and forgiveness. Greg Johnson, Artistic Director for the Montana Repertory Theatre, is the guest director of this romantic comedy, set on a Midwestern farm during the Great Depression. THE RAINMAKER is a story about the Curry family and the chances we take when we release ourselves of fear, habit and routine.

A classic of the American theatre, The Rainmaker is a romantic drama is set on a midwestern farm during a paralyzing drought. Lizzie Curry, a young woman whose hopes and dreams are as barren as the fields, falls for Starbuck, a smooth-talking traveler selling the promise of rain. Lizzie finds herself falling for him and must decide; is he a con man, or does he hold the key to everything she desires?

This charming, non-musical play, is about love, desire and magic. It expresses these themes so resonantly that the play has been translated into forty languages since it premiered on Broadway in 1954.


pippin_square_tileBlue Mountain Bed and Breakfast has majestic mountain views.  Our guests enjoy the beauty, peace, and gentle sounds of nature.  However, being located in Missoula, we are a short drive to the University of Montana.  The Schools of Music and Theatre & Dance present their masterful Montana Theatre productions conveniently close at 32 Campus Drive in Missoula.

Pippin by Roger O. Hirson and Stephen Swartz is a Tony Award-winning musical about the search for meaning and the wish to lead an extraordinary life.  In a decidedly anachronistic King Charlemagne’s court, young prince Pippin must choose between contentment and glory and is guided and goaded on his quest by a troupe of traveling performers and their enigmatic, charismatic Leading Player. Performances are Tuesdays through Saturdays from March 17 to March 28 at 7:30 pm. Get your tickets today!

Wake up to freshly made gourmet breakfasts that are sure to please your palate! Missoula, Montana is full of exciting things to see and do, or if you prefer, you can relax right here at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast since there is plenty of onsite leisure and activities. Either way, get ready for the Blue Mountain experience of your dreams!

Written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

St. Patrick’s Day & Celtic Woman


Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is pleased to announce that on Saturday March 14, Downtown Missoula is featuring their own St. Patrick’s Day parade starting at noon on South Higgins Street in Missoula, MT.  Dr. Dan Combo is this year’s Grand Marshall and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thane are Irishman and woman of the year. We encourage you all to attend as we honour these great Irish people.

On North Higgins, we recommend visiting the Iron Horse Bar and Grill in Missoula.  In addition to their homemade brews, their menu features a wide variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees.  This is the perfect place to be refreshed after seeing the Missoula’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Their daily happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm.


Speaking of Irish happiness, this June, enjoy hearing angelic Irish music and seeing entertaining dance when the all-female Irish musical ensemble, Celtic Woman, perform live in the Adams Center on University of Montana’s Missoula campus.  This is their 10th Anniversary World Tour.  While the group’s performers have changed over the years, cumulatively, albums by Celtic Woman have sold over six million records worldwide.

This talented group of ladies have been described as “Riverdance for the voice.”  Don’t miss the inspiring performances of this timeless music complete with bagpipers, dancers, a full band and choir in an exceptional concert.

This brand new stage production celebrates the Emerald Isles’ spellbinding Celtic heritage through an extraordinary presentation of traditional Irish anthems, pop standards and original music by Emmy-nominated music producer, David Downes. The Emerald Tour showcases performances of favorites from the group’s treasure chest of songs including “Danny Boy,” “Amazing Grace” and “You Raise Me Up.”  These musical ladies perform live in concert on Friday June 12 at 8 pm.

Any day of the year, Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Missoula welcomes guests.  Friendly innkeepers Brady and Elaine will help you feel right at home.  With the majestic Montana mountain views, luxurious amenities, and homemade gourmet breakfasts, guests always leave with smiles on their faces.

Written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

Crafting Crepes: Swedish Pancakes For Breakfast!






Are you celebrating National Crepe Day or just craving some crepes?  Either way, look no further- we have the perfect breakfast recipe for you to try!  There are many different types of crepes, from sweet to savory, filled and unfilled.  Because of their popularity, there are also different ethnic varieties!  We are partial to the type known as Swedish pancakes which are extremely light.  It’s always fun to share a bit of our Swedish heritage with our guests.  When you visit our inn you will see quite a few Swedish influences, from our Fjord horses at the base of the mountain to the delicate and very delicious Swedish pancakes we often serve.


9-12-9-14 Nordic festival 056, red stage coach, crop


9-12-9-14 Nordic festival 004, card Fjord, small, crop






The Scandinavian countries adopted traditions from many other European countries- among them, the crepe from France! The first time I tried this delicacy was actually in Libby, Montana during their Scandinavian Fest.  Brady and I had never tasted a pancake so delicate and lovely that it felt like it was melting in your mouth.  We ask for the recipe, which was large enough to feed a small army!  It called for three gallons of milk and more chickens than I want to imagine for the eggs!

Long before opening our bed and breakfast, we reduced the Libby recipe and experimented a bit.  The final “product” is delicious and a favorite of guests, family and friends.  We hope you will try this recipe for yourself or come visit us in beautiful Missoula, Montana, where we do the cooking for you!  Believe me when I say, there’s nothing quite like a Swedish Pancake that’s hot off the griddle and still warm to the touch.

IMG_6307 small







Ingredients (should be at room temperature):

1 1/4 C. flour

3 C milk

5 eggs

5 T sugar

5 T butter

IMG_6268 small







Reserve 2 cups worth of the milk.
Mix 1 cup of the milk with all of the ingredients and stir.
Next, slowly stir in the rest of the milk.
Melt butter on a regular griddle at 375 degrees or higher.  Use 2-3 tablespoons of batter to make a 4 inch, round pancake.
When the pancake looks slightly brown, carefully flip it over (about 30 seconds per side).
Roll up the pancake and place it in a warming oven while you cook the rest of the cakes.
Once you get the hang of making one pancake, you can try making 2-4 at a time.


DSCF2650 red currants, home made jam





To Serve:

Take the entire platter of crepes out of the warm oven and sprinkle them with powdered sugar.
Try one of the delicate pancakes without extra toppings so you experience the light, buttery beauty of this special crepe!
Additional butter and home made jam can be placed on the table.  We hand pick red currents from the garden to make syrup.
A traditional Swedish Lingonberry preserve is fun to try as well!


area around missoula (31) smallA Vacation in Missoula:
Missoula is a wonderful place to come on a vacation.  Our town has so much culture, history and nature to offer tourists.  We have blue ribbon trout streams, concerts, unique shopping opportunities and so much more.  If you wish to enjoy nature while still being able to enjoy city events, then a get-away at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is perfect for you!  In the winter there’s skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and indoor events.  In summer you’ll enjoy hiking, horse back riding and so much more.  One activity that is both popular with kids and adults is the Missoula Carousel.  Our Fjord horses were used as models for the two carved, carousel Fjords.  You can enjoy the carousel any time of the year and the artistic craftsmanship and variety of ponies is remarkable.



Tis the Season For Shopping

Indeed, it is the most wonderful time of year.  Tis the season for joy, giving, and togetherness.  Tis the season for shopping.  Our Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast guests can enjoy three distinct shopping areas in Missoula, Montana. Each area has a variety of thoughtful holiday gifts for December and the coming New Year.

Downtown Shopping is home to delightful specialty shops, boutiques, and galleries offering clothing, jewelry, and other gifts for loved ones. The Missoula Downtown Association website conveniently categorizes the downtown shopping by type of merchandise and even lists places for Downtown dining. The Missoula Downtown Gift Card can be purchased online or in person at 218 E. Main Street, Missoula.  Accepted at over 150 locations throughout the downtown area, this is one of the most versatile gift cards they’ll ever receive. 

Southgate Mall is a convenient Missoula shopping destination. With more than one hundred specialty and name brand stores, there is something for everyone. Southgate Mall is the largest mall in western Montana and offers offer women’s apparel, shoes, kid and teen clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, electronics, appliances, and more.

Shopping stores include:

  • Bath and Body Works
  • Coldwater Creek
  • Dillard’s
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Gap
  • Herberger’s
  • JC Penney
  • White House/Black Market


North Reserve Street (runs from I-90 to 39th from the north to the south, crossing Broadway, 3rd Street, South Avenue and Brooks Street) offers big box stores like:Nature at the inn (3) small

  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • Home Depot
  • Old Navy
  • Ross
  • Starbucks
  • Super Walmart
  • Target
  • TJ Maxx
  • Ulta

The Missoula, Montana area offers much more than shopping.  We have entertainment, history, nature, sports, and even The University of Montana. In fact, Outside Magazine ranked Missoula, Montana as the ninth best in their article, “The Sixteen Best Places to Live in America.”  Innkeepers Brady and Elaine welcome you to visit their scenic mountain bed and breakfast with pristine views of the Bitterroot River.  On your next shopping adventure in Missoula, think about relaxing afterward at the bed and breakfast.  Gift Snow on trees 2-20-03 031 smallcertificates for Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast are always a popular item this time of year as well!

Blog post written by Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

Photographs by Elaine and Brady of  Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

October Prowler

“October Prowler”

black cat and pumpkin





Lap cat, curl up cat
Swagger, dagger
In the shadows cat
Lapping milk from a bone white bowl
Swishing tail
Moonlight stroll
Stalking around at the midnight hour
Up all night
October prowler!

@Elaine Anderson-Wood 2o14

Montana Grizzly or Black Bear?

    Deer Diary:

mule deer small

      “Did I just see a Montana Grizzly or was that a Black Bear?” 








This weekend has proven to be quite the bear sightseeing tour!  Be happy that’s not bare (as in the latest Missoula bike festival- don’t ask)!
If you are coming to Missoula, Montana for some wildlife viewing, the best place to see a grizzly is in the Washington-Grizzly Stadium during a home game.  Missoulians are pretty proud of their football team.  Outside of the stadium, however, some people aren’t as wild about the re-introduction of the Grizzly.  That’s a whole new topic and a story for later on.

Few, if any,  grizzly bears are seen in the Missoula/Lolo area and thankfully, we’ve never personally run into one while exploring the woods.  However, if you happen to visit Glacier DO REMEMBER that grizzly bears go hiking too!  The probability of running into a bear of any kind in Montana is much less than meeting an angry person which means the statistics of bear run-ins are pretty low.   In reality, Missoula doesn’t harbor many angry people, there are too many things to do and enjoy here!


DSCF2898smallNow if you dig a bit deeper, Montana history is full of interesting stories where men and women clash over many issues.  Our own road “Deadman Gulch” actually earned its name years ago from an argument over water rights that obviously didn’t go so well for one individual.  Montana does have an interesting history of stage coach robberies, vigilante hangings and even moon shine “wars” right here in the Missoula area.  There have even been a few pretty crazy individuals to roam modern Montana as well.  Overall, those are just headlines that sell books and our “wild west image.”  In truth, Montana has good-hearted people and is known for being one of the friendliest places in the U.S. to visit or live.  We have many guests who comment on how welcome they feel upon their arrival here in Big Sky CountryFriendliness, Fun and Fuzzy Creatures are top reasons to come for a visit!

And yet, I digress…Bitterroot valley pics 10-21-05 118  Let’s get back to bears in the stadium and woods.

Brady and I don’t often see football games in person.  For us, the busiest time of the workweek consists of Friday, Saturday and Sunday- when guests are exploring the town.  What we love about innkeeping  is the ability to live vicariously through our guests who come to enjoy games, concerts and hiking trails!  Since Blue Mountain is literally part of our backyard, we almost always have time to enjoy nature.

Today was one of those glorious, autumn afternoons.  The temperature was perfect and I was sure I heard John Denver singing “Sunshine on my shoulders…”  For me, having the ability to instantly get out and enjoy nature is as rewarding as life gets.   Probably the thing I like most about fall days is you never know who else might be out enjoying a stroll.

Deer try to camouflage themselves in the long, golden grass, while hawks often circle above.  We’ve seen darling foxes creeping through the thickets and the last of the fuzzy caterpillars munching leaves as fast as possible.  All of these amazing creatures of the forest know that Jack Frost will soon come knocking at the “door.”  Now is the time to store food and take in the last rays of sun!

cathy's visit 8-04 063 small crop caterpillar


IMG_0449 small crop





Here on Blue Mountain, fall is a magical time to enjoy the slow changing of the seasons.  Birds begin to migrate and summer fawns lose their spots, growing into adulthood.  I often think about the hidden forest secrets I’ve not yet discovered and wonder how many eyes are watching me as I casually walk through the forest.  For me, such mysteries are comforting-  I am but one tiny piece in a vast wilderness of wildlife.

Once in awhile, I think there just might be a chance that I’ve spotted something wild and wooly without being detected.  I’d like to think so, because I wish to leave as light a footprint as possibly along the path I choose to walk.

Today gave us one of the rarest of magical moments as we neared the end of our forest journey.  Just above the road, we watched a healthy black bear yearling cub climb the hill and then disappear from view.  In football terms, my guess is he was just about on the ten yard line.  It was a fairly close encounter, but certainly not a worrisome one.  As the laziness of an autumn day allows, he slowly ambled up the hillside.  The bear’s thoughts seemed to be elsewhere- likely focused on filling his belly with the the last of this summer’s berries.  Not so unlike one of our autumn tasks- packing away delicious preserves in our storeroom for guests.  Indeed, it is time once again to prepare for Old Man Winter’s return!

Whether you are a local or from out of town, we hope you find the time to explore Blue Mountain on your own.  We always welcome you to stay with us here at the B&B while you enjoy the views and wildlife, our home made berry preserves and hospitality.  We, and the mountain are awaiting your visit!

It´s a Bear!


Tasty Buttermilk Biscuits from Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

May 14th is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

You will find that our Blue Mountain B&B BUTTERMILK BISCUITS will literally melt in your mouth.  They are hard to resist right out of the oven and make a delicious treat smothered in honey or homemade jam.  For our guests, these flaky homemade biscuits are a breakfast favorite when served with our biscuits and gravy recipe, passed down through the family.

The biscuits also make an excellent lunch accompaniment when paired with one of our savory soup recipes.  For dinner, they always go nicely with one of our many Western BBQ specialties.  Every year, we have a French family that stays with us just for our BBQ dinner and the views that go with it.

Note: Just adding shredded cheddar cheese to the dough and basting them with melted garlic butter gives the biscuits a whole new, amazing twist!

Buttermilk biscuits are almost in the same league as baseball and apple pie- a true American standard.
No matter what meal you serve the biscuits with, they always will be a BIG HIT!

Basic Ingredients:

4 C                   FlourBUTTERMILK BISCUITS
2 T                   Baking powder
2 tsp.                Sugar
1 tsp.                Salt
12 T                 Butter
1 ½ – 2 C          Buttermilk


Preheat oven to 450 degrees

*Breakfast Biscuits (We often serve with biscuits and gravy.)

-Mix dry ingredients together, then cut in butter with a pastry knife.  The butter should be in pea-sized pieces (or just a bit larger).
Fold in buttermilk and then knead on floured surface about 6 or 8 times.  Pat out to 1″ thick (an 8×8 inch square).  Cut in 16 pieces and bake for 14 min.

*Dinner Biscuits (Served with savory soups and BBQ dinners)

-Add the larger amount of milk and mix in 2 C. shredded cheddar cheese.  Drop large spoon fulls of dough onto a baking sheet (we use a silicone baking sheet or parchment paper).
Bake for about 14 min.   Take out of oven and baste with 3 T.  melted butter mixed with 1 tsp. granulated garlic.  Serve right away!

We hope you enjoy trying these out in your own kitchen or possibly spending a night here at Blue Mountain B&B!  In the summer and early fall, guests enjoy eating outside by the waterfall.  In the winter and spring, our large picture windows look out on our Japanese water garden to the west and the Bitterroot River and Missoula to the east.  The view is ever changing and beautiful and our elevated location makes one feel like they are in a comfortable castle or a mountain chalet.  We welcome you any time of the year for a wonderful retreat!

Great Day for Limericks and Donkeys!

IMG_3271 small


Since International Donkey Day and National Limerick Day both fall in MAY, it seems fitting to share the following poem!

There once was a donkey named Hank
Who took part in many a prank
He’d wink his one eye
And swish at each fly
That silly donkey named Hank
-By Elaine

My first introduction to donkeys was in the Emerald Isle itself.  When I was just ten, my grandfather took me on a farm tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  I can still visualize many scenes, as if it happened yesterday.  One of my favorite experience was watching a donkey carry a load of milk cans down a narrow, windy road.  That experience was unforgettable and I’ve loved donkeys ever since!  I still keep some treasures from that special trip long ago, most of which are in our Victorian-style guest room named The Rose.

The odd thing about both donkeys and limericks is that they both are uniquely funny.  I guess that’s why they are a perfect pairing of holiday themes.  I do wonder if March (because of St. Patrick’s Day) would be a more fitting month than May, but here in Montana we often don’t see the lush, green of grass until May anyway.

When staying at BLUE MOUNTAIN BED AND BREAKFAST, you can always pet our four footed equines over the fence.  We have two Mammoth Jackstock riding donkeys, two mules and a Norwegian Fjord horse.  All of them live at the bottom of the mountain from the actual B&B.  If they lived with us, we might need to rename our business “Blue Mountain Bed and BRAY!”  I’ve stayed at B&B’s before that used peacock “clocks” as a wake-up call.  I certainly don’t think we need to use loud birds or donkeys any time soon to wake up our happily, sleeping guests!

All of our equines are gentle enough for children to be around.  In fact, Hank- pictured here, is a therapy donkey and is registered in The Donkey Hall of Fame for his various accomplishments.  He loves birthday parties and becomes quite vocal about it, welcoming all the kids from every direction!

We aren’t a riding facility, but there is one just a few miles from our B&B that we highly recommend.
Dunrovin Ranch, in Lolo, has smooth Tennessee Walkers for you to ride.  We’ve had many guests enjoy a few hours or a day out with one of their guides on the area trails.  You can call Dunrovin ahead of time to make a reservation or wait until you arrive in Missoula.

Equus asinus negroDonkeys in love

Fun Ditties About Donkeys (Most taken from Sue Weaver’s wonderful book entitled The Donkey Companion.)

  • Queen Victoria of England loved donkeys.  She had one that came all the way from Egypt which at times accompanied her to Florence, Italy.
  • In England, it is still common for children to learn how to ride on a donkey before learning on a hunter/jumper horse.
  • In Europe, it once was told that Saint Nicolas rode a donkey and children would leave carrots and bread out for his long journey.
  • British chimney sweeps had donkeys carry their tools into the 1900’s.
  • During the Middle Ages of Europe, people used donkey urine as a disinfectant and donkey dung for eye irritations.
  • A donkey crossed with a horse is called a mule.  Mules are almost always sterile and known for their smooth gate.  In fact, in Medieval Europe, mules were so prized that they were reserved for the wealthy.  The huge draft horses were not as commonly used by nobility as one might think, their job was to carry heavily armored knights into battle.
  • In at least one occasion, a donkey has been awarded The Purple Cross.
  • The ancient Egyptian word for donkey was eeyor- it came from the sound of its bray.  It’s not just by accident that the well-known donkey from Winnie-The-Poo, was named Eeyore by A. A. Milne.
  • Cleopatra kept over three hundred female donkeys so she could bath in the milk they produced.
  • It has been said that Satan is unable to shape-shift into donkey form because of the Christian cross which the donkey bares on his back (Most Mammoth donkeys do not have the cross, however).
  • In some cultures when a woman is pregnant it’s said that she should visit a donkey so her child will grown up to be wise and well behaved.
  • Some ancient Romans had beds with donkey head-shaped bedposts on them to give them fertility luck.
  • When Andrew Jackson ran for president, his opponents nicknamed him “jackass.”  Jackson, a democrat, used the name to his advantage, placing a donkey picture on his campaign posters.  Wondering about the elephant?  Click on this same link.
  • George Washington is sometimes referred to as both the Father of America as well as the Father of the American mule- a fascinating story everyone should read about.
  • Donkeys are often depicted as being stubborn, but in reality they are cautious.  Instead of having the flight response of the horse, they stand and fight- a geographic necessity based on their original desert-like environment.
  • Several old U.S. state laws still mention that it is unlawful to keep a donkey in a bathtub.  We wonder what brought that to the attention of lawmakers?
  • Donkeys, like horses, should never be kept in solitude because they are very social animals.  When a jack donkey is totally isolated, he can become even more dangerous than a stallion for several reasons.
  • Certain domesticated and wild asses are endangered.  The list includes the French Poitou, the Andaluz Ass and the Samali Wild Ass.  Many people don’t realize that certain farm animals are endangered.
  • Mammoths, like our Hank, are supposed to be referred to as Mammoth Jackstock or Mammoth Asses instead of donkeys.  That can get confusing since a Jack is an un-gelded male.  What do we call ours?  A DONKEY!
  • The only qualification for an ass to be considered a Mammoth is for Jennets (females) to be 56″ or taller and jacks and geldings to be 58″ or taller.
  • Donkeys only have 62 chromosomes, while mules and horses have 63.  A person can refer to all of them combined as equines.
  • Christopher Columbus came to the New World with two jennies and four jacks on his second trip.
  • There are four basic donkey sizes: Mammoth, Large Standard, Standard and Miniature.
  • All domestic donkeys are descendants of the African Wild Ass.  The ass was the only riding and pack animal even available in Egypt’s Old Kingdom.  Camels and horses were used later on.
  • A burro or donkey that really likes you will follow you around just like a big dog might.  Donkeys can also become protectors of a field and “their” sheep and sometimes are used as guard animals.  Dogs are viewed as natural predators, so if you need to introduce the two, do it gradually or you may have one dead dog!
  • Donkeys are wonderful singers, this is because they can both inhale and exhale air unlike horses.  In the Southwest, donkeys are often referred to by the Spanish name “burro” as well as the “Arizona Nightingale.”  I will say this about the donkey- it is indeed, one very funny “bird”!

Rosa Elvira FloresA Man and His Donkey | Behsud

If you enjoyed learning some of these fun-filled facts, you may wish to purchase the following books or find them at your local library!

-The Donkey Companion Selecting, Training, Breeding, Enjoying & Caring for Donkeys by Sue Weaver (The majority of the information above comes from this resource.)
Training Mules and Donkeys: A Logical Approach To Longears by Meredith Hodges
The Definitive Donkey A Textbook on the Modern Ass by Betsy and Paul Hutchins
-“The Brayer Journal of the American Donkey and Mule Society”

*If these aren’t enough, just click on the following link for a long list of donkey-related articles!

Vintage: Girls on a DonkeyMay 31, 1928

The Magnificent Six! (c.1907)3. Always Room for One More (c.1905)

You will also enjoy following the Team Donk blog written by Kristi Kingma whom we purchased Hank from.  She uses her donkeys as pulling machines which is pretty amazing to watch.  Hank prefers to be a riding donkey and desperately wanted to be around children again.  Thus, in the fall of 2013, Hank made a trailer trek from Idaho to Montana.  He now is an official Montana citizen and proudly “wears” Montana’s only zip code number: 406!

Hank is such a kind, gentle, yet inquisitive soul and truly a KICK to be around so to speak.  In actuality, if you treat donkeys well, they are 99 times more likely to follow you around like a puppy dog than kick you.  Both donkeys and mules can kick sideways as well as back and are notorious for taking their anger out on an abuser at the least expected moment.  However, if you treat a donkey well, he or she will become your loyal and trusted friend.

When placing a young child on an equine for the first time, I’d almost always choose a donkey over a horse.  Many folks have never been let in on the secret of donkeys and mules- they are the cadillacs of the equine world: smooth, steady, trustworthy and built to last.  If you get a hankering to meet a donkey, you know where to find one.  HANK is always hanging around the farm waiting to meet new friends!


Santorini´s donkeyI like you