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Discover Missoula Concerts at 4 Fantastic Settings around the City

View of rock concert show in big concert hall with crowd and stage at Missoula concertsGreat Missoula concerts, of every genre, from the famous to rising local bands, are performed at many wonderful venues in and around the city. The city’s two major concert halls, The Wilma and Top Hat serve as the cultural headquarters for Missoula concerts. Both host big name bands as well as Missoula musical talent. While the University of Montana venues also host headliner bands, the Missoula Symphony Orchestra, the String Orchestra of the Rockies, and the amazing students from the School of Music department. Come across a fun Missoula concert almost any weekend at the lively downtown breweries, pubs or bars. And when the snows melt away and the days warm up, the city parks and outdoor amphitheaters gear up for their summer concerts and festivals. All these incredible musical venues make the Missoula concert scene as diverse and exciting as the music performed.

Whether you’re coming to Missoula for a winter skiing vacation or planning a hiking getaway in the warmer months, Missoula concerts makes your trip even more memorable. Whatever your musical taste, you’ll find a choice of shows at big or small venues all around Missoula. Plan your stay at the perfect setting as well, at the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast. Nestled in a mountainside location with sweeping views of the Bitterroot river and valley. Relax at a tranquil location that’s only minutes from downtown Missoula. Our generous guest suites have private baths with jetted tubs and all the comforts for a serene night’s sleep. Wake each day to a creative, hearty breakfast that will have you ready for another day of adventures. Reserve your beautiful getaway to Missoula in 2020!

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The Best Local Dining in Missoula

Local Dining in Missoula, MontanaWe can’t believe summer is almost over in Missoula.  It’s been another season filled with wonderful adventure and delightful guests.  While we’re looking forward to the cool and colorful months of fall ahead, we aren’t quite ready to let go of summer yet. Come join us for a last minute summer getaway, and experience the best dining Missoula has to offer. There are a lot of great ways to eat locally in Missoula, including food trucks, local bars, breweries and distilleries, and restaurants doing their best to serve up delicious, locally sourced dishes.  In fact, the sheer choice of places to dine in Missoula has never been better.  Come join us this summer, and give yourself plenty of time to eat your way through the best local dining establishments Missoula has to offer.   Continue reading

5 Summer Activities to Enjoy in Missoula

summer activities MissoulaAnother warm and adventurous summer is knocking on our door, marking the time of year when everyone seems ready to get outside. For years, the adventurous city of Missoula has been rated as one of the top outdoors destinations in the west. To us, this comes as no surprise.  It is, after all, easy to get into the outdoors with so much opportunity in your back yard.  Missoula borders a national forest and boasts numerous recreation areas, which is not a surprise in a region marked by its stunning rugged terrain. There truly is no better place to be this summer than Missoula, and we’d love to help you plan a variety of summer activities to make the most of your time here. Book your room at our tranquil Bed and Breakfast, and experience Montana’s rugged spirit firsthand. Continue reading

Missoula’s Craft Breweries

Missoula, Montana's Craft BreweriesIf you’re at all into drinking beer, then you probably have heard of the craft brew craze taking over taps across America.  Craft Breweries, which are defined by the Brewers Assocation as “small, independent and traditional” breweries, have seen a 15% increase in sales over the course of last year. Though annually craft breweries only produce about 6-million barrels, which is a mere 10% of national beer sales, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these increasing local fixtures. Missoula ranks #2 in the nation for craft breweries per capita, second only to Portland, Oregon.  Book your room at our beautiful Missoula Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the thriving craft brew culture in Missoula. Continue reading

The Breweries of Missoula

Moose Drool

Follow the Moose Drool to the Big Sky Brewery in Missoula.

Winter days in Montana mean downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and nordic skiing. These activities are both exhilarating and tiring. One of the best ways to recuperate from a winter day spent out-out-of-doors is to step into a convivial brewery and wrap your hands around a pint of beer.

Missoula boasts a surprising number of excellent breweries for a town of its size:

  • Big Sky Brewery is known by many beer drinkers on the West Coast as the creators of Moose Drool. The tap room pours tastes of other interestlingly-named brews: Scape Goat, Powder Hound, Trout Slayer, and more. You can’t sit down to a plate of food at the Big Sky Brewing Co. Tap Room, but you can sign up for a guided tour of the brewery.
  • Bayern Brewery has been brewing authentic German beers since the mid 1980s. Owner Jürgen Knöller is a German Diploma Master Brewer; he is dedicated to crafting high quality, tasty beers. The warm Tasting Room features at least six different beers on tap and some tasty treats: Landjaegers, German brats, and more.
  • The Tap Room at the Kettlehouse Brewing Company features a revolving selection of IPAs, Scotch ales, porters, stouts, and more. They don’t serve food, but folks are welcome to bring in their own food to enjoy with their brews.
  • Draught Works is the newest brewery in Missoula. The word on the street is that the Gwin Du Welsh Style Tribute Stout is mighty tasty, and the perfect way to conclude a day on the slopes.

After warming yourself from the inside out with a pint of local porter or stout and maybe a hearty plate of food, you’ll be ready to curl up back at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast with a book, a game, or a friend.