Hike Crazy Canyon Trail

Crazy Canyon Trail is an easy to moderate hike of seven miles, not far from our bed and breakfast Missoula. It is best tackled mid-May through October, which means now is a good time to start planning for it.


View from the Big "M" above the Univeristy of Montana. The vew from Mount Sentinel is even better!

Plan to spend at least three and a half hours on the move. The trail starts in the Pattee Recreation Area, passes through Crazy Canyon and meanders through Lolo Forest. It climbs to the summit of Mount Sentinel, the 5,158 peak that rises above the University of Montana. If you are interested in a shorter, one way hike, you can descend Mount Sentinal towards the university. Ask us about transportation options.

The views from Mount Sentinel are superb – 360 degrees of the surrounding mountains, Missoula and the whole Missoula Valley. Bring a picnic (Missoula’s Cafe Courie puts together great take-out food) and relax at the summit for a while.

A hike up Crazy Canyon Trail is sure to make you good and tired, and you can look forward to a relaxing evening at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast. Peruse our large collection of music, challenge each other to a board game, or cuddle together and watch a movie. In the morning, we will feed you a feast fit for royalty, so you’ll be ready for more adventures in the Missoula area.

Lolo National Forest

The Lolo National Forest is a mere few miles down the road from our Missoula Montana bed and breakfast. While the weather is definitely feeling cold out there, and the snows are on their way, there is still time for a well planned hike or two in the Lolo National Forest while you are staying with us. The Lolo Visitor Centers are filled with friendly and informative staff who can help you find the perfect hike for you – and of course, we always enjoy recommending our favorite trails.

This is where you will want to be after exploring the Lolo National Forest

This is where you will want to be after exploring the Lolo National Forest

The Savenac Historic Tree Nursery is an interesting place to enjoy the outdoors without engaging in strenuous activity. It was a nursery for the forest service until the late 1960s, and the arboretum and visitor center there provide a fascinating glimpse into a part of National Forest history that few people stop to consider – the cultivation of trees.

If you are in the mood for a strenuous hike, consider heading to the top of Lolo Peak. You’ll be rewarded with fantastic views and a hearty appetite to enjoy a fine meal back in Missoula (plus a warm soak in a tub at this Montana inn). Just be sure to check the weather, eat a good breakfast here before leaving, and be prepared for anything before embarking on this hike.

Hiking in Missoula

There is great hiking in Missoula. In the Blue Mountain Recreation Area, enjoy the Maclay Flat Interpretative Trail.

It is a gentle stroll on a wide path that can also accommodate wheelchairs.  The trail takes you along the Bitterroot River and through adjacent meadows, with some great views of mountains around Missoula.

Blue Mountain Views

Blue Mountain Views

If you want to pick up a little knowledge while visiting our Missoula lodging, the Maclay Flat Trail also has 16 interpretive signs along the way describing the river system, wildlife, vegetation and archeology of this area.

There is wildlife in the area, and the observant guest has seen evidence of porcupine and beaver. Also look for wood duck nesting boxes attached to trees and for bluebird boxes on fence posts.

About a third mile down the trail, you reach a flat, grassy spot along the river – perfect for picnicking. There are also some fishing spots along this stretch of the river. We at the Blue Mountain Montana Bed and Breakfast will be happy to provide you with picnic baskets and coolers!

There is also great bird watching at Maclay Flat. During spring in Missoula look for lots of wildflowers and other plants. Hope to see you at our Missoula Inn soon!