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Visit The Missoula Art Museum This Fall

The Missoula Art Museum is a not to be missed stop when visiting this amazing Montana town! Located in historic downtown this free (that’s right, free!) museum showcases a diversity of thought-provoking work from both local and international artists. This Missoula treasure is a great place to spend an afternoon and enjoy a bit of culture on your trip here! Drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs and more fill the spacious exhibition areas and is sure to be a highlight of your time here. After a visit to the Missoula Art Museum, you gain a better grasp of the issues, hopes, and thoughts of Montana locals.

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Missoula’s Zoological Museum

Missoula, MT

Visit the fascinating Zoological Museum at the University of Montana the next time you're at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.

Many people aren’t aware that one of the largest zoological collections representing the Northern Rocky Mountains is right here in Missoula. The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at The University of Montana is home to more than 24,000 specimens of vertebrates. It is definitely worth a look.

The museum began over 100 years ago, in the 1890s, and contains collections that date from the 1860s to the present. There are Skins and Skulls collections, collections of Complete Skeletons, Tanned Hides, Specimens in Alcohol and Mounted Specimens.

Exhibits include An Ornithological Perspective, which highlights the vast ornithological collections housed in the museum. Off-campus collections include several Bull Elk at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in Missoula, and the Hornaday – Smithsonian Bison Exhibit in Fort Benton, Montana.

It may not be for everybody, but if you’re interested in this sort of thing, you won’t find a better collection in Montana.

Check it out the next time you’re staying at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, or make a special trip to town to see it. It is located on the second floor of the Health Sciences Building. For additional information, please see Zoological Museum.

Discover Missoula Culture

Missoula Arts and Culture.

Take in a show at the historic Wilma Theater.

It is often said that Missoula has more culture than any other city in Montana.

Culture is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training.” It is also defined as “acquaintance with and taste in fine arts and humanities.”

Missoula, therefore, is the place to go in Montana to hear live music, watch a show, and see art.

Many people spend a few days at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast in order to do just that. They come here from more rural areas to see a show and browse art galleries. They come to feel the pulse of the city and the energy of the university. It’s invigorating. It’s fun.

Art galleries abound in downtown Missoula. One of the best times to visit them is on the First Friday of each month, when they stay open late and host artist receptions and other special events.

The University of Montana in Missoula brings a host of fantastic performers to the stage year-round. Some, like the Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival, are much anticipated. Others, such as the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, draw more intimate crowds. There there is The Adams Center, which has the largest indoor seating capacity in western Montana; it brings such names as Dierks Bentley and the Rolling Stones.

Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Missoula

Learn about the Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Missoula.

There is also a good deal of history in and around Missoula. The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula reveals the rich history of Missoula County. The Holt Heritage Museum is a great place to learn about cowboys and their rodeos and Indians and their Pow Wows. The Montana Museum of Art and Culture  has a superb collection of Rocky Mountain west art, contemporary Native American art, and a respectable number of pieces from Southeast Asian and European masters.

Treat yourself to a few days of culture. Allow yourself to be pampered while staying in our Missoula Bed and Breakfast. You’re worth it.

A Snowy First Friday in Missoula

A snowy day on the Bitterroot River, Missoula.

The first Friday of the month is always festive in downtown Missoula. Art galleries and museums open to the public with new exhibits; they stay open late, and often host artist receptions and special events. On Friday, February 3, 2012, there is a good chance there’ll be some spontaneous snow sculpting as well–all those piles of snow on the sidewalks are just too tempting. But no matter what the weather, folks wander up and down the streets of downtown, popping in to see exhibits that catch their eye.

Spend the first weekend of the February at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, and enjoy the following exhibits at First Friday:

  • International Cup 2012. Just what can be done to a cup? See for yourself at the Clay Studio of Missoula.
  • “See what the fire hath wrought: Wood-fired ceramics from The Clay Studio Anagama Kiln.” For the past four years, a group of artists has been exploring the art and science of wood-fired ceramics. See some of the results at The Artists’ Shop.
  • Photographic silkscreens by Pennsylvanian artist Benjamin Lee Sperry will be on display at The Brink; there will also be a reception for the artist from 5 to 8 p.m.

In addition to the above mentioned exhibits, there will be refreshments at the Monte Dolack Gallery, where a new limited edition archival print will be premiered. The Montana Museum of Art and Culture is hosting a reception for Fra Dana: American Impressionist in the Rockies and Frances Carroll Brown: Bitterroot Portraits. For a complete list of events, please see First Friday Missoula.

Take a break from the routine. Spend a weekend indulging in art and culture , and being pampered at our Bed and Breakfast Missoula.

Missoula’s First Friday, August 5, 2011

Missoula’s First Friday is just days away, on August 5, 2011. This Friday promises to be exceptional, with several Artist’s Receptions and special events. It will be a great time to be at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.

See Monte Dolack at work painting on August 5 at The Monte Dolack Gallery.

Monte Dolack will paint at the Monte Dolack Gallery on August 5, and his painting will be sold at auction to benefit Animeals. To bid on the painting, please go to www.dolack.com before September 1, 2011.

See the some of the many faces that use Missoula’s MOBASH Skatepark at The Brink Gallery. The exhibition “5” celebrates the first five years of the skatepark that Tony Hawk & co. christened in 2006. There will be an opening reception from 5 – 8 p.m. for local photographer and creator of the exhibit, Andrew Kemmis.

The Missoula Art Museum is holding an Artist’s Reception for Wendy Red Star’s first solo exhibit, My Home Is Where My Tipi Sits. The reception runs from 5 – 8 p.m., and the Wendy Red Star will give a Gallery Talk at 7 p.m.

New watercolors by Kendahl Jan Jubb and music by Stan Angien will be at the Murphy-Jubb Fine Art gallery.

Check out plain air paintings of the local landscape and studio works by a variety of artists at the Dana Gallery. There will be an Opening Reception August 5 from 5 – 8 p.m.

Meet artist Karen Lee from 5 – 8 p.m. at The Artists’ Shop, where her watercolors tell “A Traveling Show – Images From Near and Far”.

Yellowstone Photo features National Park photographs by Ken Dvorak. Meet the photographer and enjoy refreshments from Big Sky Brewing and Pattee Creek Market from 5:30 to 8:30 on the 5th.

Much more art will be on view at the galleries of downtown Missoula. Don’t try to see it all on Friday night; enjoy a weekend of art and culture while staying at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast this weekend, August 5 – 7, 2011.

More information about the Artwalk is available at First Fridays Missoula.

Missoula’s First Friday February 2011

February’s First Friday in Missoula looks to be a good one. We still have a couple of rooms available in our Bed and Breakfast Missoula on Friday, February 4, 2011. Why not be spontaneous, and come to Missoula for a weekend of art and culture?

Renoir, Magritte, Gauguin, and other European Masterpieces, at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture.

First Friday at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana takes place between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on February 4. Listen to live music by Dan Dubuque while gazing upon “Renoir, Magritte, Gauguin and other European Masterpieces from a Private Collection”. Also open for viewing is “Three Centuries of European Prints” from the MMAC permanent collection. Surprise giveaways, tasty treats, and discounts at the MMAC store make First Friday at MMAC extra fun.

See the premier of Flathead Moon, “a new limited edition archival digital print”, downtown at the Monte Dolack Gallery between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.. Refreshments will be available for all. Oil paintings by Marvie Redmond will be on display at Montana Art and Framing, and The Brink Gallery is exhibiting Strange Angels, by Michael deMent. He writes of his creations that they “remain ethereal and otherworldly yet with a dose of the familiar and tactile”.

In addition to the many galleries in downtown Missoula, First Friday events extend to such venues as Top Hat Lounge’s DIY Bazaar, Butterfly Herbs, and the Crystal Theatre. For a complete list of Missoula First Friday events, please see the Missoula First Friday website.

Continue to explore the arts throughout your weekend at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, or enjoy a different kind of activity, like downhill or cross-country skiing.

Good Girls at MAM

There will be an artist reception with Marilyn Lysohir at the Missoula Art Museum this Friday, March 5, 2010, from 5 – 8 pm. The museum is just fifteen minutes from our Missoula MT inn.

Marilyn Lysohir and her Good Girls

Ms. Lysohir’s show, “Good Girls 1968” consists of over 160 ceramic portraits of young women with whom the artist graduated from high school in 1968. In order to create this show, she spent hours tracking down and reconnecting with the women from her class. Yet, “this exhibition transcends the personal” and connects with a larger cultural memory of 1968.

What didn’t happen in 1968? That year seemed to see it all: battles in Vietnam and the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the launch of Apollo 7. 1968 witnessed some of the most tragic moments in our cultural memory and some of the most euphoric. Above all, 1968 marks a turning point in this country.

Marilyn Lysohir is a talented ceramicist, and her Good Girls 1968 exhibit is worth attending. The exhibit will be at MAM through May 30, 2010. Make your reservations at our Montana lodging now!