UMT Homecoming

Homecoming is an annual event cherished by many. It’s a time for friends to reconnect after a separation of one year, ten years, or fifty years. It’s a time to laugh over memories and the follies of youth, and to create new memories together.

Homecoming at UMT!

Homecoming 2010 for the University of Montana at Missoula is September 19 – 25. We still have a few openings at our Missoula bed and breakfast, and we gladly welcome Grizzlies.

Festivities start at the Southgate Mall Clock Court on Saturday the 19th at 1pm, where Grizzlies can dance to a live broadcast of the old favorite, Missoula’s 102.5 Mountain FM. Throughout the week there are a number of gatherings where recent grads may reconnect (recent being if you graduated in the last ten years). If you haven’t been to campus for a while, take a tour and visit new buildings and old departments. Visit your favorite faculty. Stop by the Art Fair to see what today’s students are creating, and help decorate the Hello Walk.

Friday Evening there will be an Awards Ceremony to recognize the many outstanding accomplishments of past Grizzlies, and a banquet for international alumni. Then get ready to cheer the football team to a victory during the Yell Night Pep Rally. You won’t want to miss the lighting of the “M” and the fireworks, or the dance that follows.

Start Saturday morning right with a tasty, home-cooked meal at our bed and breakfast Missoula. After you digest, participate in the Homecoming Hustle 5K race or sit back and watch the UM Homecoming Parade. Cheer the Grizzlies as they take on Sacramento State on Saturday afternoon, either in the stadium, outside the stadium, or in the comfort of our inn. Then dance the night away again at the Fall Ball, at 9pm.

We always welcome Grizzlies, and we always enjoy Homecoming week. Go Grizzlies!

University of Montana Commencement

Saturday May 15, 2010, is the University of Montana Commencement. The Ceremony will take place at 10am outside The Oval, rain or shine. Ceremonies for Professional Schools will be at 11:30am at various locations around the campus.

commencing commencement.

Be there for your graduate.

We always enjoy hosting friends and family of graduates at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast during UMT Commencement weekend.

Commencement is one of the rituals so important in our society. More than any other, it marks the passage from childhood to adulthood. As your graduate walks off the podium with diploma in hand, he knows that he is expected to support himself now. She must find housing and a job. It is an exciting moment; it may also cause some anxiety.

Your graduates will want you near, even as they rush of from one event to the next. Invite them to a special dinner at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, where you’ll enjoy a great meal and have time to talk. Take a walk through our grounds and the adjacent National Forest. Challenge your graduate to a game of billiards. It’s important they know you are there for them, and that they feel they have space.

We have a three-night minimum during the weekend of May 15, 2010. Make yourself comfortable and take advantage of all Missoula has to offer as your graduate flutters around preparing to depart university and friends.