Rose Room

Rose Room at the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

A Large room with hard wood flooring, queen-sized sleigh bed with pillow-top mattress, hand-made quilt, and down comforter. Private bath with jetted tub/shower combination and tiled floor. Sitting area with Victorian era furnishings and picture windows. Shared outdoor deck and swing (with private bistro table), TV with DVD and music, air conditioning- $119.00 per night, up to $155 in peak season

The Rose overlooks the entryway garden at our bed and breakfast, which from spring to fall is in bloom with lovely shrub and wild roses, iris, honeysuckle and other flowers. In winter, the snow powders the pines in a shimmering white, a view that any warm summer’s day would envy.

The deck is adjoined by the hillside and is particularly beautiful during spring when the fragrant syringa bushes bloom and wild flowers blanket the ground. On a summer’s day, guests can enjoy a glass of lemonade and a good book in the shade of the swing. In the winter, a cup of tea or hot chocolate is in order, either on the deck or from the comfort of one’s room. If that doesn’t warm the body and sole, then a luxurious rose-water bath in the relaxing jetted tub certainly will.

The personable, Victorian feel of this room is complemented by rosy-granite tile, rich area rugs, and a cherry sleigh bed. The antiques, books, and decor within include family heirlooms as well as European travel memories that allow the sense of traveling back in time among beauty, poetry, comfort, and turn of the century elegance.

Animal’s Rule:
Well mannered dogs (and some cats and other fuzzy fellows- please inquire) are welcome in the Ponderosa Room. We allow either one medium-large dog or two small dogs at a time. We ask that if your dog has to be left alone in the room that it be crated. There is a flat $20 “fuzz” fee per dog for up to 3 days ($5 a day there after.) Please bring a leash so you can enjoy the many trails behind the bed and breakfast.

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Rates & Amenities

$119 to $155 in Peak season

This room features:

  • Queen Size Bed
  • Handmade Quilt
  • Private Deck
  • Whirlpool Tub
  • Air Conditioning
  • TV with DVD player (no TV reception)
  • Pet Friendly Room


History of the Rose

historyofroseThe wild rose, of which there are several species in Montana, was considered as one of the choices for our state flower and is the national emblem of neighboring Canada. Like the Bitterroot flower, the wild rose was noted by The Lewis and Clark expedition at Travelers’ Rest, just a few miles south of here.

In general, the rose has been used both in America and Europe for its many health and beauty benefits. Among Native people, the wild rose was used primarily for medicinal and spiritual reasons rather than as a food source. The Nez Perce, for example, hung rose sprigs on a baby’s cradleboard in order to drive away ghosts. The flower was also woven into legends of Coyote, the spiritual helper of a number of tribes within the region.

From spring through summer, the gardens and hillsides of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast are in bloom with wild or domestic roses of one variety or another. Two of the most beautiful wild shrubs on Blue Mountain’s hillsides are the chokecherry and serviceberry. As part of the rose family, they welcome the spring with a bounty of white blossoms and are followed in pink by the wild rose.

Whether wild or domestic, the rose has been a symbol of love and royalty throughout the course of Western history, and within its symbolic beauty, it will surely bloom for gardener, poet, and lover for years to come.