There is Something Sweet in Missoula

It’s true. That something sweet can be found right here, at our bed and breakfast Missoula.
Valentine’s Day falls during the President’s Day long weekend, which is as good a reason as any to drop all work, grab your sweetie, and head for our Montana inn. Think about it: no cooking, no dishes, no laundry… just the two of you.
You know that if you stay home you’ll each head off your separate ways to tackle parts of the “to do” list. The only solution is to leave. This is something you may want to consider even if you live in the Missoula area.

The February Specialty at our Bed and Breakfast Montana is “Something Sweet”.  Make yourself at home here, but let your main goal be relaxation and enjoyment. You’ll find chocolate hearts and a long stemmed rose in your room to help set the mood.
Consider staying in one evening and letting us cook for you. We are offering an Italian menu to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Can’t you just taste Italian Carbonara with shrimp and Italian sausage in a Marsala cream sauce? How about roasted red pepper soup, salad with huckleberry vinaigrette dressing, and Italian flat bread? Leave room for the chocolate fondue.
So shred the “to do” list (his and hers) and throw caution to the wind. You’ve made it through the dark days of January, and, for that, you deserve a weekend off.

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