Good Girls at MAM

There will be an artist reception with Marilyn Lysohir at the Missoula Art Museum this Friday, March 5, 2010, from 5 – 8 pm. The museum is just fifteen minutes from our Missoula MT inn.

Ms. Lysohir’s show, “Good Girls 1968” consists of over 160 ceramic portraits of young women with whom the artist graduated from high school in 1968. In order to create this show, she spent hours tracking down and reconnecting with the women from her class. Yet, “this exhibition transcends the personal” and connects with a larger cultural memory of 1968.
What didn’t happen in 1968? That year seemed to see it all: battles in Vietnam and the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the launch of Apollo 7. 1968 witnessed some of the most tragic moments in our cultural memory and some of the most euphoric. Above all, 1968 marks a turning point in this country.
Marilyn Lysohir is a talented ceramicist, and her Good Girls 1968 exhibit is worth attending. The exhibit will be at MAM through May 30, 2010. Make your reservations at our Montana lodging now!

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