Montana Fly Fishing – A Dream Come True

If it has long been your dream to fly fish in Montana (think A River Runs Through It), then now is your chance. Spring through fall, the rivers of Montana team with fish, and anglers come from all over to catch them. Book a holiday at our Montana bed and breakfast, and help turn your dreams into reality.
Blackfoot River Outfitters has been guiding Montana fishing trips for a good twenty years, and we feel good about recommending them. They are a family operation, they are passionate about fly fishing, and they know how to catch fish. People return to them again and again, year after year, because they understand the kind of experience folks hope to encounter on a Montana fishing trip, and they deliver.
Fish are caught, but there is something more to the experience as well. Maybe you have to be an angler to understand, I don’t know. Magic happens out there on the river. Something changes inside, even if only during the trip. Knowledge is gained. A ritual is performed. Blackfoot River Outfitters offers day float fishing trips (full and half), overnight trips, and wade fishing. Overnight trips include delicious food. Stay at our bed and breakfast Missoula before heading into the wilderness (for a few hours or a few days), and as a place to recover once you’ve caught your quota. Regale us with stories of your success, and tell us tragic tales about the ones that got away. We’ll listen. We care.
There is no time like the present to visit Montana for a fishing expedition. Seize the day.

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