Step Out to a Concert at MAM

Many of us fall into routines: we work, spend time with our children, and putter at home. Delightful routines, perhaps, but routines nonetheless. Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit and try something new. May we recommend a night or two at our Missoula bed and breakfast, and a Night of Firsts with Pianist Lydia Brown and Cellist Pansy Chang at the Missoula Art Museum?

The concert takes place at 7:30 pm October 14, 2010, and is followed by a dessert and champagne reception with the artists. Part of the Distinguished Art Lecture and Concert Series at the museum, it’s a wonderful opportunity to infuse yourself with music, art and creativity. The program includes sonatas by Bach, Beethoven and Brahams, as well as a world premiere by composer Jack Perla.
Ms. Chang is an associate professor of violoncello at Miami University in Ohio, and a member of the incomparable little orchestra, Pink Martini. Ms. Brown holds a doctorate from Julliard as well as degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Yale University. Their collaboration is sure to make your toes tingle.
The Missoula Art Museum is just fifteen minutes from our bed and breakfast Missoula.  Treat yourself to a night outside your routine. It will invigorate you.

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