There’s Still Snow at Lolo Pass

While some folks are looking forward to spring and summer, others celebrate the continuance of winter at higher elevations. Ardent snow-sporters should spend a few days at our Missoula MT Bed and Breakfast, which is less than an hour’s drive from Lolo Pass.

Bread loaf in the Bitterroot Mountains
There is still snow in the Bitteroot Mountains

The Visitor Center at Lolo Pass is currently open on weekends, but trails are open seven days a week. These trails are no longer groomed so they may be a bit challenging on skis; on the other hand, dogs are now allowed on the trails (as they are at our pet-friendly Missoula Bed and Breakfast).
A great activity at this time of year is snowshoeing. It doesn’t require groomed trails and it’s fun. Take advantage of the snow and the free parking (another perk after grooming ends) until the snow melts. This could take a while; as of a few days ago, Lolo Pass had a base of 88 inches of snow.
We promise to feed you well at our Bed and Breakfast Montana before you embark on a day of romping in the snow. Tuck into a steaming cup of coffee, a generous serving of Swedish pancakes, or a hearty plate of steak and eggs. If you don’t feel like a nap after that, you’ll be ready to burn some calories up at Lolo Pass.
Mountain road conditions are updated twice a day, or in response to major changes. Call 1.800.226.7623.

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