Spring Birding Returns to Missoula

Missoula Birding hikingThough there’s still a chill in the air, a quick look out the window tells you that spring is finally on its way to the skies of Montana. Though the weather can be volatile and variable this time of year, there is no doubt that warmer weather and sunnier skies are soon to be the norm, which has outdoor enthusiasts gearing up for another exciting year of adventure in Montana.  As mother nature begins its gradual reawakening, treat yourself to a spring retreat in the beautiful town of Missoula.  Spring is the perfect time to enjoy quiet activities like birding and hiking through meadows of colorful wildflowers.  Book your room at our relaxing Missoula Inn today, and experience the best spring activities Missoula has to offer.

Spring Birding and Hiking

There is no doubt why Missoula is highly ranked as an outdoors destination.  It’s beautiful and it’s vibrant, and being next door to a variety of forested land and recreational areas, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.  During the summer months, it’s peak outdoors season in Misosula and it can be hard to decide which adventure to take next.  However, spring in Missoula tends to be slightly more relaxed, with many adventurers taking advantage of the reemergence of nature in the form of birding and hiking.


Avid birding enthusiasts flock to Missoula each spring.  Missoula is home to several key bird-watching areas from which to witness the annual spring migration. In fact, there are probably more places for birding in Missoula than birds to watch.  Of these areas, the most popular birding destinations near Missoula are Kelly Island, Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Greenough Park, Maclay Flat/Blue Mountain, Mount Sentinel and the Kim Williams Trail, and Pattee Canyon.  Bird species in Montana are diverse, but popular amongst bird watchers are Woodpeckers, Blue Herons, flycatchers, Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, American Kestrel, and Osprey.  Unique birding opportunities exist along the Clark Fork River as well, where you’re likely to spot Sandpipers, Killdeer, merganser, flycatchers, warblers, swallows, great blue herons, and more.


Hiking Birding MissoulaWith a variety of parks and hiking trails, Missoula is a wonderful place to enjoy the colors of spring.  The ground is beginning to warm, and the sun is out for more and more hours in each day.  These are the subtle cues from mother nature for the wildflowers to bloom again, painting the hills around Missoula in vibrant, rainbow-colored hues. At this time of year, it won’t matter which trails you pick; the wildflowers are everywhere.  However, popular hiking trails in Missoula include the “M” trail and the Crazy Canyon Trail on Mount Sentinel. Other popular hiking areas are the Blue Mountain Recreational Area, the historic Pattee Canyon Recreational Area, or the much larger Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness.
Spring is beautiful in Missoula.  Whether birding, hiking, or participating in the many different activities Missoula has to offer, we know you’ll enjoy a spring retreat to our romantic Bed and Breakfast. Book your room with us today, and feel at home as you discover the best of Missoula.

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