Discover Fall Foliage in Missoula

Another fall is beginning its descent upon Big Sky Country in Missoula, Montana. With the arrival of autumn, it’s time to start looking forward to spectacular fall displays. Tree-filled mountainsides are already showing hints of their dramatic colors. Soon, we’ll be surrounded by the vibrant crimsons, bursts of fiery oranges, and yellows standing against a backdrop of green, all of which make fall foliage season in Montana a truly stunning display. Though Montana may not be at the top of many lists when it comes to fall foliage displays, we assure you it is a stunning season to visit.  Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of fall by foot or behind the wheel, you won’t have to go far. Book your room at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast today, and discover fall in Montana.

Where to See Fall Foliage

When planning trips to see fall foliage, most people immediately think of the New England states as being the best of the best. However, with their popularity comes busy, crowded roads.  We think we can do better.  Actually, Travel and Leisure Magazine recently released a list of America’s Best Towns for Fall Color, and Montana made the list.  Though Missoula didn’t make the list our neighbor to north, Whitefish, did.  Many of the qualities that make fall a spectacular season there can also be said of Missoula, an often forgotten about, and therefore quieter fall foliage destination.  If you need a little inspiration, here are some undeniably beautiful photos of Missoula in the fall.  Now that you see how beautiful it is, here are our favorite ways to experience the glorious fall foliage in and around Missoula:

  • Take a walk in the University District.  The University of Montana campus itself is beautiful place to enjoy the fall colors, but the surrounding tree-lined streets are absolutely magical when fall reaches its peak color.
  • Hike up to the “M” on Mount Sentinel.  With commanding views over the Clark River and the Missoula Valley, you aren’t likely to find better views of Missoula’s vibrant fall foliage.
  • Walk along the Clark Fork Riverwalk.  As you meander along the Clark Fork River, which cuts right through downtown Missoula, you’ll see fall’s beautiful colors reflected in the water.
  • Take a scenic drive through the Bitterroot Valley.  Located just south of Missoula, the Bitterroot valley is an incredible experience in the fall.  The valley is 96 miles long, and cradled by the Sapphire Mountains on the east and the jagged peaks of the Bitterroot Mountains on the west. Along the way you’ll find stunning forested hillsides dotted brightly with falls favorite colors, and charming communities worth exploring.  Stop in at Daly Mansion for a truly beautiful view with its tree-lined entry way.
  • If you’re looking for another scenic fall foliage drive, head to the Clark Fork Valley.  Enjoy the fall colors at the National Bison Range, or to Koo-Koo-Sint Bighorn Sheep Viewing Site for an opportunity to see some Bighorn Sheep. The Clark Fork Valley is also home to some natural hot spring pools, which are the perfect way to end a day of adventure in the crisp fall air.

As you will soon see, Missoula is a hidden gem when it comes to prime fall foliage viewing.  Not only will you be rewarded with colorful views, but you’ll do so without the crowds found in many other places.  Come stay with us at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast, and discover the magic of fall in Missoula.

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