The River Runs Through Missoula

The river runs through Missoula, Montana.  First, Matador Media House produced the short YouTube video just below that shows just how many wonderful things there are to do and see in Missoula.  Then we look at some of Missoula’s many recent accolades.  Finally, we will see what guests of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast had to say about their Missoula lodging experience.

“There’s this place…where the skies are BIG and the water flows.  A place of deep roots and mountains of PRIDE.  A spirit of adventure and a culture of craft.  And through it all, THE RIVER RUNS.”
Missoula Has Recently Earned Several Notable Accolades:

  • “The Most Fitness-Friendly Cities in America” (Smart Asset)
  • “Top U.S. Cities for Biking” (Data Hub)
  • “Ten Best River Towns” (Fodor’s Travel)
  • “Top 10 Cities For Beer Drinkers” (Smart Asset)
  • “20 Cities You Must Visit in Your 20’s” (Huffington Post)
  • Home to one of the “Best Ice Cream Spots in the U.S.” (Big Dipper Ice Cream)
  • “Top 10 Places to Live” (Livability)
  • “Top 20 College Towns in America” (Fodor’s Travel)
  • “Top 5 Healthiest and Greenest Cities in America” (Greener Ideal)
  • “10 of America’s Hippie Hideouts” (Alot Travel Team)
  • “20 Coolest Towns in America” (Matador Network)
  • “Most Liveable Small City in America” (Thrillist)
  • “5 Best Spots for Wildlife Watching in the U.S.” (Travel Pulse)
  • “25 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America” (Thrillist)
  • Montana is one of the “Ten Best States For Retiring” (Smart Asset)

You are invited to stay at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast of Missoula, Montana. Here is what previous guests have had to say about their Blue Mountain experience:

  • “What a feeling of renewal! Staying here was like camping in the woods, but with all the comforts of a lovely resort, such a treat. We hope to return next year.” K. M., Virginia
  • “In all of our travels through America and beyond, we’ve seldom found a place that gets everything so perfectly right. Part of Blue Mountain B&B’s charm and appeal comes from the lovely, mountain setting itself. Most of what you have to offer, however, is a product of your thoughtfullness, hard work and many talents. We appreciated our stay so very much and hope to return some day.” – P. and C. D., England
  • “There is nothing to describe the rejuvenating feeling of your waterfall. We will remember sitting by it for hours, just listening and relaxing.” M.M., Maryland
  • “What a beautiful home and view, delicious meals and gracious hospitality.” A. L., Tennessee

Hosts Brady and Elaine welcome you to visit Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast. The Missoula area and their scenic retreat make for the perfect vacation.
By Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

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