A Scenic Drive into Wildflowers on Lolo Pass

The scenic drive through the Lolo Pass during the wildflower season makes a wonderful Missoula day trip. The drive takes about 45 to 50 minutes from Missoula and you can continue over the pass into Idaho through Clearwater National Forest. However the lush alpine meadows, bursting with brilliant colors is a magical drive all on its own. The carpet of blue, yellow, purple and white blossoms glow against the background of deep green hills cover in evergreens. Wade into an ocean of blue flowers in Packer Meadow, with the impressive Bitterroot Mountains in the distance.
Guests of the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast wake up to sweeping valley and mountain views everyday. Our multi-level decks provide stunning overlooks of Bitterroot River and surrounding landscape. Nestled in a mountainside, the vista is incredible during any season. Pamper yourself in our generous suites with private baths and relaxing jetted tubs. Wake up to a hearty, gourmet breakfast and ready to explore Missoula. Reserve your peaceful getaway at the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast before the wildflowers fade away. 

Lolo Pass Wildflowers

The Lolo Pass, located west of Missoula, is a wonderful scenic day trip, especially when the wildflowers cover the meadows. There are dozens of wildflowers in an array of colors to discover. On your drive be sure to stop at the Lolo Pass Visitors Center for more information as well as history about Lewis and Clark. 
East of the visitor’s center find Packer Meadow for great wildflower viewing. It’s the perfect place to stretch your legs on the hiking trail. The bright blue Camas blooms here in abundance, but there are many other kinds of wildflowers to find along the trails. Look for purple Jacob’s Ladder and delicate, yellow Glacier Lilies. Arrowleaf Balsamroot, a member of the sunflower family, also brightens the fields with yellow petals. While the Shooting Star can be purple, pink, or white. Montana’s state flower, Bitterroot, comes in shades of deep pink, rose, and white.
The stunning Montana landscape can be enjoyed in so many ways, from scenic drives to serene hikes or exhilarating bike rides to tranquil fly fishing. The natural beauty is what draws so many to our extraordinary region. After your travels to the mountains, rivers and flowering meadows return to your private retreat at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast. Book your Missoula vacation this summer and escape to the beauty of Montana. 

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