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Holiday Events in Missoula

Holiday Events in Missoula, MontanaThough many of us are still in a state of denial, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Next week, families will gather around their traditional holiday tables, and so begins a month-long celebration of joy and giving. With a wide variety of shopping and holiday events to enjoy, there’s no better place to unwrap new holiday memories than Missoula. Whether you choose to join of for an amazing Thanksgiving feast, holiday shopping, dazzling light displays, a relaxing getaway, or other fun holiday-themed activities, you’ll find nothing but joy and merriment in Missoula throughout the upcoming holiday season. To get started on your getaway, book a room at our exquisite Bed and Breakfast today. Continue reading

Celebrate With These Holiday Events in Missoula

Holiday Events Missoula MontanaThough it sometimes feels like just yesterday when we were talking about and planning for summer and fall adventures around Missoula, the holidays are officially here.  It’s time to start finalizing your plans, and we hope Missoula is on your list.  The holidays are a wonderful time of year to gather with friends and family, to keep up with long-standing traditions, and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Though this is one of the busiest seasons for many families, it’s also a wonderful time to getaway from the hectic rush of our over-scheduled lives, and to enjoy those things that truly matter.  Getaway to to the magical holiday season in Missoula this winter, where you can discover new traditions and make new memories with the variety of holiday events taking place throughout the city .  Book your room at our beautiful Montana Bed and Breakfast today. Continue reading