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University of Montana 2011 Commencement

Saturday May 14, 2011 is Commencement at the University of Montana, Missoula. We invite you to stay at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast while in town to celebrate this momentous occasion with your favorite UM student.

Commencement is a time of endings and beginnings. The sense of accomplishment is great – a degree has been earned. Graduates should throw their caps in the air and feast with family and friends, who bear witness to all that has been achieved. On May 14, 2011, the University of Montana Missoula should be a festive place, indeed.

We recall the joy of graduating from the University of Montana, and our Missoula Bed and Breakfast is a cheerful place to stay during Commencement. We invite you to bring your student here for a sumptuous gourmet meal (for parties of 4 or more). Relax in our common areas, sit in our gardens, and enjoy a pause with your child before helping him or her pack for to the next adventure.

May 14, 2011, is Commencement at the University of Montana, Missoula.

You’ll find information about Commencement at University of Montana Graduation.

Hike to the Raptors

Many of the guests at our Missoula bed and breakfast enjoy outdoor recreation. They are drawn to our inn in part because we are situated on 20 acres overlooking the Bitterroot River, adjacent to National Forest; our location draws guests into the outdoors. Walk out our door and onto trails where you may pass several peaceful hours. We’ll even provide a picnic basket if you like. Continue reading

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town

We are fortunate that our bed and breakfast in Missoula MT is close to Garnet, which is considered to be one of the best-preserved Montana ghost towns. It is somewhat of a unique place, with a very different history than frontier gold-mining towns such as Virginia City and Bannack (both of which were lawless, somewhat dangerous places in their heyday). Garnet was settled at the end of the 19th century and had a population of 1,000 hard-working men, women and children in 1898. Folks came to Garnet for gold, but found that it took a certain industrious spirit to access that gold. The hard-rock mines required equipment, and in order to have equipment, the men who mined the gold needed to make a serious investment. They intended to stay, and they built a town to house their wives and children. At its peak, the school in Garnet taught more than fifty children.

Today, Garnet is a peaceful place. Families departed when the mineral deposits became too scarce to support them, but they left behind a main street filled with shops, their school, and many homes. To walk among these is to walk in the footsteps of the men and women who settled the west. Garnet Ghost Town is a tribute to this important part of American history – something we feel strongly about, which is why we support the Garnet Ghost Town Preservation Society. We hope you will find time to visit Garnet while you are staying at our Missoula bed and breakfast; it makes a lovely day trip in the fall, when foliage is colorful and the air is crisp and clean.

Missoula Weddings


Host your wedding at our Montana inn

We really enjoy hosting weddings at our Missoula bed and breakfast. Our 20 private acres overlooking the Bitterroot Rive, Missoula Valley and Sapphire Mountains are an ideal setting for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. We enjoy hosting all sorts weddings: sunny, warm afternoon affairs, cozy events indoors, or an evening ceremony outside, with the sky ablaze overhead as you say your vows. Be wed outside by a koi pond or waterfall, or on a deck with stunning views at your backs. We can accommodate up to 45 guests for an outdoor ceremony and reception when the weather is fine (June through September). If you prefer an indoor wedding, we can host 20 guests for a formal reception, or 30 guests for an informal one, with some guests at tables and some relaxing in the living area.

We want your wedding to be as relaxing and free of worry for you as possible. We will devote all of our attention to your event; while you are here, your needs are our highest priority. We hope you will consider hosting your wedding at our Montana bed and breakfast.

Great Music in Missoula

It’s great to live near Missoula and the University of Montana. While our Missoula bed and breakfast overlooks a valley and mountains that seem to go on forever, at our backs is a hip little city that has a fantastic arts scene. We think it is a superb location to live and run an inn.

Kevin Costner and Modern West in Missoula

Kevin Costner and Modern West in Missoula

This July, the University of Montana is presenting four fantastic shows at the Adams Center. Any of them would be a great addition to a Missoula vacation. Carrie Rodriguez is the first, performing July 11. She brings the enthusiasm and energy of her youth not just to her violin playing, but to her approach to music as a whole. She is gaining kudos as a songwriter, singer, guitarist and mandolin player. In the words of Andrew Leahy of The Washington Times, “Try to pigeonhole or label such an artist – an unclassifiable musician who, in less than 10 years, has packed more change into her career than someone twice her age – and there’s only one appropriate response: It ain’t over.” (12/12/08)

Just over a week later, on July 19, James McMurtry comes to Missoula to with his own version of rock and roll – or roots and roll, as some have said. He is followed on the 25th by the Cowboy Junkies and Son Volt. The Cowboy Junkies have been playing together for twenty years (as a band, probably longer as a family), and their slow melodic music is seamless. Finally, Kevin Costner and Modern West will perform on July 31. Not everyone knows that Kevin Costner is a muscian as well as an actor. Here is your chance to hear and see him perform.

We don’t get to all the shows ourselves, but we sure like knowing they are there. They are real perks for guests of our Bed Breakfast Missoula.

Missoula Bed & Breakfast and the Missoula Art Museum

It can be pleasant to take a little trip to our Blue Mountain bed and breakfast. Here you can enjoy the serenity of our peaceful and scenic location and still be close to the city, where you can enjoy the arts. Our Missoula lodging is nestled on twenty acres of wildlife habitat that is adjacent to National Forest. There are trails leading from our door into the wilderness, and you are almost sure to spot some kind of wildlife while staying here. At the same time, a short drive takes guests into the heart of Missoula, with its museums, cinemas and fine restaurants.

John Armstrong at Missoula Art Museum

John Armstrong at Missoula Art Museum

Take some time on your next trip to our Missoula bed and breakfast to visit the Missoula Art Museum. The work of Master Printer John Armstrong is on exhibition until May 23. According to the MAM website, the 21 most recent works selected by curator Stephen Gleuckert “bring to the forefront the artists sensitivity, intuitive color sense, consistent instinct for compositional resolution, and ever present spirit of experimentation.” In addition, the museum is showcasing over forty five pieces by various artists who have used the Armstrong-Prior Print workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Armstrong’s influence on this body of work is apparent, and underscores the spirit of collaboration that pervades the Armstrong-Prior Print workshop. Look for works by Rudy Autio, Philip Curtis, Dorothy Fratt, Karen Jilly, Virgil Ortiz, Vernon Patrick, Akio Takamori, and Patti Warashina.

Photo courtesy of the Missoula Art Museum.