Make Missoula Your Next Fall Getaway Destination

The beautiful, rugged city of Missoula is relaxing and inviting, and filled with fun and exciting things to do throughout the year. What makes Missoula such a wonderful vacation destination is the hip and trendy atmosphere you’ll find here, coupled with the natural beauty that Montana is famous for.  Missoula is a fall getaway destination nothing short of rejuevenating for the busy soul.  Whether you are celebrating a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or special occasion, or maybe just looking for a little time to reconnect with someone special, the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is the place for you.  Nestled on a peaceful mountainside outside the thriving city center,  we beckon you to sit amongst the Ponderosa Pines and meditative water gardens, and create your perfect romantic fall getaway at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.  We’re here waiting for you, so book your fall getaway with us today.

Fall Getaway in Missoula

There is sometimes nothing better or more romantic than holing up in a luxuriously accomodated room at a romantic Inn with the person you love most. While that is certainly a possibility at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast, there is also much more to see and do on a romantic fall getaway to Missoula.  In order for a city to be considered a great getaway destination, it needs to have character, local charm, plenty of high quality dining options, and a variety of beautiful and/or fun activities to enjoy.  Those qualities couldn’t be more fitting for Missoula, where the hip and trendy vibe of our city is a point of pride for Missoulians.  In the city itself, you’ll find a historic and cute downtown worthy of time spent browsing, exquisite dining options that will leave you full and satisfied, and plenty of live entertainment to enjoy long into the night. Restaurants to put on your radar include The Pearl Cafe, Caffe Dolce, The Silk Road, and Plonk.

Missoula is also home to wonderful wineries and breweries, making them a wonderful place to spend an afternoon sampling the different flavors you’ll find. Missoula is ranked 2nd in the nation for craft breweries, so you’ll definitely want to consider taking a brewery tour when you’re here.  When you’re ready to continue your evening with a little live entertainment, the bars and nightlife in Missoula won’t disappoint.  From the club atmosphere at The Badlander to the wine and cocktails at Plonk, Missoula will show you a good time.  Missoula is so much more than a great downtown, though.  Missoulians are all about the great outdoors, and when you see how breathtakingly beautiful it is here, you’ll know why.  Hike up popular Mount Sentinel to enjoy the colorfal fall views, grab a bike and explore the Rattlesnake recreation area or the old Hiawatha Rail Trail, or enjoy a scenic drive through the stunning Bitterroot Valley.  So much to do, and so much to see.  No matter what you choose to do while you’re here enjoying a romantic fall getaway, we know you’ll love Missoula as much as we do.  Book your room with us today.

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