What’s on Tap: The Best Beer in Missoula

Craft Beer in MissoulaThe craft beer craze sweeping the nation is no stranger to the hip college town of Missoula.  In fact, Missoula has a pretty long history of brewing.  There is no shortage of places to find a finely-crafted pint of local or international beer in Missoula.  In Fact, Missoula ranks #2 in the nation for craft breweries per capita, second only to Portland, OregonCome to Missoula for the delicious beer, and stay for the excellent hospitality. Book your stay at our incredible Montana Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the thriving craft brew culture in Missoula.

Craft Beer in Missoula

When planning to visit Missoula, the most common thing that comes to mind is the exquisite natural beauty found at every turn. Great opportunities for beer drinking come in at a close second, though.  With plenty of breweries in town, Missoula is poised to take center stage as a destination for beer lovers.  Missoula breweries are also doing an exceptional job of keeping it local–something that is important to most Missoulians.  Over half of the malted grain used for brewing is actually produced in Montana.  Here are a few great breweries to visit in the Missoula area:

  • Missoula’s days of brewing beer date back to 1987 when Bayern Brewing opened.  It had the distinction of being the only brewery in the Rockies to follow strict German brewing traditions for over 25 years.
  • Big Sky Brewing is not only Missoula’s biggest brewery, but perhaps also is the most well known out of state due to the popularity of their Moose Drool Brown Ale.  If you want to drink like a local during the warmer months, try their summer honey beer with a slice of lemon.
  • Craft Beer in MissoulaIf you want to try some slightly more unusual brew flavors, try the Pumpkin Pie Mexican Chocolate Porter at Draught Works Brewery.  Their Clothing Optional Pale Ale is also pretty fun to order, let alone drink.
  • Flathead Lake Brewing Company’s 3-story building features 16 selections on tap, wine for every taste, and fresh, locally farmed seasonal menus.  Their Centennial Pale Ale is a special commemorative brew, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Glacier National Park.
  • KettleHouse Brewing (Kettlehouse South is the most popular for locals) has tremendous diversity in its beer offerings.  A local favorite is the Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, which features just a hint of smoke and coffee.
  • Great Burn Brewing is a locally-owned brewery.  One of their many highlights is their Church Picnic Cream Ale.  Despite the name, it’s pretty great for all occasions.
  • Missoula Brewing Company is the creator of Highlander Beer, Montana’s oldest beer brand.  Their Devil’s Hump Red ale is also pretty popular, and is locally considered to be a classic.
  • Tamarack Brewing is best known for their Hat Trick IPA, which is equal parts bold, bitter, and cold.  In other words, it’s perfect!

As evidenced by these flavor combinations, Missoula’s craft breweries love to experiment, and you will not be disappointed. If you need a way to maximize your time in Missoula, we recommend taking a local brewery tour with Montana Brewery Tours.  The Missoula Hop-On tour is also one of the most popular ways to experience local craft brews, giving you access to 3 breweries in around 4 hours.
When you’re ready to relax, head back to the comfortable accommodations at the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast, one of Missoula’s finest Inns.  Book your stay with us today!

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