Discover Missoula Concerts at 4 Fantastic Settings around the City

View of rock concert show in big concert hall with crowd and stage at Missoula concertsGreat Missoula concerts, of every genre, from the famous to rising local bands, are performed at many wonderful venues in and around the city. The city’s two major concert halls, The Wilma and Top Hat serve as the cultural headquarters for Missoula concerts. Both host big name bands as well as Missoula musical talent. While the University of Montana venues also host headliner bands, the Missoula Symphony Orchestra, the String Orchestra of the Rockies, and the amazing students from the School of Music department. Come across a fun Missoula concert almost any weekend at the lively downtown breweries, pubs or bars. And when the snows melt away and the days warm up, the city parks and outdoor amphitheaters gear up for their summer concerts and festivals. All these incredible musical venues make the Missoula concert scene as diverse and exciting as the music performed.
Whether you’re coming to Missoula for a winter skiing vacation or planning a hiking getaway in the warmer months, Missoula concerts makes your trip even more memorable. Whatever your musical taste, you’ll find a choice of shows at big or small venues all around Missoula. Plan your stay at the perfect setting as well, at the Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast. Nestled in a mountainside location with sweeping views of the Bitterroot river and valley. Relax at a tranquil location that’s only minutes from downtown Missoula. Our generous guest suites have private baths with jetted tubs and all the comforts for a serene night’s sleep. Wake each day to a creative, hearty breakfast that will have you ready for another day of adventures. Reserve your beautiful getaway to Missoula in 2020!

4 Missoula Concerts Venues for Great Music

Missoula is a musical town with a wide choice of concerts, big and small. Missoula concerts are held at grand music halls, small pubs, or the great outdoors. There’s music and settings for all preferences.

  1. Downtown Concert Halls – Big Missoula concertsCrowd at outdoor Missoula concerts are held at the two major halls found in the heart of the city. The Top Hat is the more intimate space, where you can get up close to the band. Enjoy well-known touring bands as well as local talent. The Wilma is the iconic Missoula concert hall. The historical hall was built in 1921 but were recently renovated. The new state-of-the-art sound system attracts big-named bands and creates the very best musical experience.
  2. University of Montana – The vibrant UMT campus offers three venues for Missoula concerts big and small. The Adams Event Center hosts the big concerts with famous bands throughout the year. While the Dennison Theatre sets the stage for the Missoula Symphony Orchestra and a wide variety of other music as well. The most intimate space, the Music Recital Hall is the home to the String Orchestra of the Rockies and UMT School of Music Concerts.
  3. Missoula Pubs and Bars – After a day of hiking or skiing, stop by a downtown pub for live music and a drink. The laid-back Union Club & Hall features some of the best local musicians in the area. For great music pared with a smooth cocktail, grab a table at Plonk.close up of acoustic guitar on stage at pub Missoula concerts Missoula’s only cidery, Western Cider, hosts live music in the summer. The energetic tap room at Draught Works presents Bluegrass, Jazz, and Country bands on the weekends. While Imagine Nation Brewing hosts live music throughout the year. For a classic Irish pub experience with live music, visit The Thomas Meagher Bar (known as the “Marh Bar” by locals.) The 2,000 square foot TapHouse at Highlander Beer offers live music most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in a historic building next to Grant Creek. 
  4. Outdoor Venues – What could be better than fun Missoula concerts with great Montana scenery? These outdoor venues offer both during the summer months. The KettleHouse Amphitheater on the banks of Blackfoot River, offers great music surrounded by amazing mountain views. The summer concert series at the Big Sky Amphitheater attracts big headliner names. While the riverside location of Caras Park always has a concert or festival to join during the summer months. 

Enhance any Montana vacation with great Missoula concerts. Discover the energetic Missoula music scene during your visit to our beautiful region. Plan your perfect 2020 getaway at the romantic Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast.

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