10 Great Places for Birdwatching Near Our Missoula Bed and Breakfast

Birdwatching near our Missoula bed and breakfast is a fun and interesting way to get out and see the surrounding area! This Montana town is already well known for its abundant opportunities for hiking, biking, rafting, and more. Birding is yet another way to get out and experience the stunning scenery here. Missoula is a great place for serious birders looking for rare migrant species and is also an ideal place to get started as a beginner and learn all about this exciting and fun activity. The habitats here range from riparian estuaries and wetlands, to dry mountainsides, to deep forestland. Because of the variety of homes for birds, there is a great diversity of species to be found!
Our Missoula bed and breakfast is located next to 20 acres of wildlife habitat part of which is the Blue Mountain Recreation Area where you can work on your birdwatching skills just steps from our lodging. Let our tranquil mountainside retreat be your escape this season! From here you can look out from the deck to see the Bitterroot River and Valley below. Our Missoula bed and breakfast reflect the rustic beauty of the area and in your cozy and comfortable room, you can unwind after a day of birdwatching and exploration. If you want a memorable and relaxing vacation to Missoula this season, book your stay with us today!
birdwatching near our Missoula bed and breakfast

Birdwatching Near Our Missoula Bed and Breakfast

A fun and different way to explore the Missoula area is by heading out for some birdwatching. This interesting activity slows you down and hones your observation skills. It is a great way to give yourself a goal to achieve rather than just going for a walk or hike. Missoula is a great place for birding because of all the different and varied ecosystems here. You’ll see old standby favorites like woodpeckers and bald eagles to more rare migrant species making their way through the area to another destination. Here are 10 great places for birdwatching near our Missoula bed and breakfast.

  1. Maclay Flat and Blue Mountain Road is a 2-mile loop along the Bitterroot River through marshlands and pine forests. Here you’ll find pileated woodpeckers, wood ducks, nuthatches, western tanagers, and much more!
  2. Over 40 species of birds frequent the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. Here you can hike through the rugged mountains to scenic vistas on the over 73 miles of hiking trails. You can see species such as the great grey owl, American dipper, and the ruffed grouse.
  3. Another great spot for birdwatching near our Missoula bed and breakfast is the Mount Jumbo Trail. This 6-mile out and back trail offers fantastic views as well as great birding. In this city-owned space you can spot calliope hummingbirds, spotted towhees, Nashville warblers, and keep your eyes peeled for migrating raptors who are drawn to the grassland, shrubs, and dry forests here.
  4. The 42-acre city park known as Greenough Park contains riparian woodland along Rattlesnake Creek that is perfect for some peaceful birdwatching. Walk the loop trail here and you’ll see resident species like the Western screech-owl, pileated woodpecker, and American dippers. In the summer look out for the Bullock’s Oriole, and the Lazuli Bunting.
  5. The Kim Williams Trail starts downtown and follows the Clark Fork River which makes it a great spot for birdwatching. Among the riparian Douglas-fir forests and islands you will see ospreys, Vaux’s swifts, flycatchers, and Eastern kingbirds.
  6. The Ponderosa pine, western larch, and Douglas Fir forests of Pattee Canyon are ideal habitats for hermit thrushes, several species of owls, and grosbeaks. Try the Sam Braxton trail for good birdwatching opportunities.
  7. Kelly Island is a largely undeveloped swath of land where the Clark River splits before it meets the Bitterroot. This riparian ecosystem is home to a historic heron nesting area, a variety of waterfowl, red-tail hawks, and American kestrels.
  8. At Council Grove State Park you can walk along another stretch of the Clark Fork River among old-growth ponderosa pines and cottonwoods. There are many hiking trails and opportunities for birdwatching at this day-use area. You’ll see mergansers, magpies, European starlings, and Northern flickers to name a few.
  9. At the popular Blue Mountain Nature Trail, you’ll not only see great views of mountains and the Missoula Valley, but also keep your eye out for black-backed woodpeckers, rock wrens, and mountain bluebirds. This is a stopping-off point on your way up the road to the Blue Mountain Lookout.
  10. Mount Sentinel combines good birdwatching with good views. This trail features the Missoula landmark of the famous “M” put in place by university students in the early 1900s. Here you can spot western meadowlarks, savannah sparrows, and calliope hummingbirds among many other birds.

birdwatching near our Missoula bed and breakfast

The Best Missoula Lodging

Exploring all of the incredible birdwatching locations near our Missoula bed and breakfast is a great way to see the surrounding area and get out. Let our Montana lodging be your perfect getaway for a mountain retreat. Located just minutes from downtown, but feeling like a world away, our rustic yet modern accommodations reflect the beauty of the gardens and forests around us on our mountainside. Your private guest suite is set up with your ultimate comfort in mind.
You’ll sleep peacefully on your king or queen size bed fitted with a cozy down comforter and fine linens. Relax in your room as you look out your window to the gorgeous views. unwind in your private bathroom that includes a jetted tub. If you want the most memorable Missoula vacation full of quiet moments, book your stay with us today!

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