The Best Missoula Hikes to Take This Summer

There’s no shortage of things to do in Missoula this summer, but getting out and hitting the trails on these fun Missoula hikes is certainly at the top of our list!  Hiking is a great way to see the stunning natural beauty of these area, along with chances to see unbelievable wildflowers and wildlife along the way.  Not to mention, hiking is not just great for the body, but a great way to unplug and rejuvenate your mind as well!
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Balsam flowers and other great wildflowers on Missoula hikes this summer

10 Stunning Missoula Hikes for Summer

Beating the summer heat in Missoula is easy – just head up in the mountains for one of more of these amazing Missoula hikes!  Some of them will be hot, of course, but others offer ample shade, and even cooler temperatures as the elevations rise.  And, when you’ve conquered these Missoula hikes, a cold and refreshing beer will be waiting for you at one of the many downtown Missoula breweries!
Missoula hikes offer the best way to experience the majestic beauty of this area, and luckily, we’re in close proximity to some really wonderful hiking trails in Missoula!
Within minutes of our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, you can be enjoying a birds-eye view over the Missoula valley, or taking a leisurely stroll along the river. Depending on your fitness level and time, there are definitely plenty of Missoula hikes to chose from – and even more to choose from if you venture beyond the city limits!
We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best Missoula hikes below, in hopes of inspiring you to get out and see the very best of this city!  These Missoula hikes are all great in the summer, and even more magical come fall, when the dramatic hues of the season take center stage.

  1. Mount Sentinel, also known as “the M”, is the most well known of all Missoula hikes. A landmark since 1908, “the M” was created by the University of Montana Forestry Club. The hike is 3/4 mile, but once you’re there and you’ve snapped the requisite picture, we recommend you continue on to the top of Mt. Sentinel.  There, you’ll be rewarded views of Mount Jumbo, the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, and the Bitterroot Mountains.
  2. Mount Jumbo, also known as “the L trail,” and it’s located on the north side of the Clark Fork River, across from Mount Sentinel.  This hike is a great one for seeing wildlife, as well as beautiful views of downtown Missoula, Mount Sentinel, and the Clark River.
  3. The Kim Williams Nature Trail is a beautiful trail that winds along the Clark Fork River, connecting to several parks in downtown Missoula. Of all the Missoula hikes on our list, this one is definitely the most leisurely. The trail features 9.8 miles of mostly flat trail with a waterfall.
  4. The Blue Mountain Recreation Area isn’t just one hike – instead it offers a total of 41 miles of trails to explore, including some of the area’s most breathtaking.  It’s also a great place for birdwatching!
  5. For expansive views of the Missoula valley, head to the 3.5 mile Waterworks Hill. It’s suitable for a wide-variety of hikers, and is best done in the early morning hours.
  6. Sam Braxton National Recreation Trail is a 2.9-mile trail that loops around part of the Pattee Canyon Recreation Area. Many Missoula hikes hold much of the city’s history and along this particular trail, you can discover the remnants of early homesteads.
  7. The Barmeyer Trail is a 3.6 mile journey that leads you to a stunning overlook of the city and Mount Sentinel, and is one of the newest Missoula hikes.
  8. If you want to combine Missoula hikes with wildlife sightings, including great birdwatching opportunities, then you definitely need to head to the Maclay Flat Nature Trail! This 1.7-mile loop follows the Bitterroot River, and includes sections of meadow and forest, with beautiful Mountain View’s to round out the trip.
  9. If you’re up for one of the most challenging Missoula hikes, then we recommend you head to Spring Gulch Trail. The hike is 8.1 miles, but can be made even longer by joining with the Walkman or Rattlesnake Trails. This is a great one for a hot summer’s day, and certainly a rewarding one for all of the effort!
  10. You don’t have to hike the “M” to get to the top of Mount Sentinel.  You can also take the Crazy Canyon Trail, which is about 7 miles round trip. At the top, you’ll see the Clark Fork and Bitterroot valleys, and you can connect up to the Hellgate Canyon Trail for even more sensational Missoula hikes.

Enjoy this beautiful Missoula hike with wildflowers and great views over the valley

A Relaxing Stay at Our Missoula Bed and Breakfast

As amazing as Missoula Hikes are, you’re likely going to be exhausted at the end of your day and looking for a place to put your feet up and relax.  You’ll find exactly that at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast.  In fact, our quiet, luxurious Inn is the perfect place to unwind and rest up for your next day’s adventure.
We’d be happy to serve you dinner, too, so you don’t have to worry about heading back into downtown Missoula. This is available for groups of 4 or more, and is a very special part of the experience at our Inn. When you wake up in the morning, we’ll have a delicious and hearty breakfast waiting for you – the perfect fuel for whatever lies ahead, and one of the many perks you’ll enjoy when staying with us.
Montana is an incredible place – and one we’d love to share with you this summer.  Book your room at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast today!

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