Don’t Miss the 2023 Farmers Market in Missoula

Though there are plenty of fantastic things to do in Missoula throughout the year, there’s something special about a quiet Saturday morning – or maybe a bustling lunch – at the Missoula Farmers Market, which will be opening for the season in May. Like most farmers markets around the country, the Missoula Farmers Market is a great place to get a feel for a local community, experience its values, and sample a variety of fresh, local, and artisan-made products.

The main Missoula Farmers Market is held a few times throughout the week, with the most popular day to visit them is Saturday. However, the Missoula Farmers Market is only one of three markets held each Saturday (and throughout the week). Each is unique, interesting, and worth visiting, and they are all within walking distance of each other. That also means each market is easily accessible from our top-rated lodging in Missoula, MT.

The Missoula Farmers Market is a wonderful celebration of local Montana Culture and the farms and rivers that feed us, not to mention our vibrant and creative community. Next time you plan a trip to Missoula, visit these unique markets. Of course, when it comes to finding a great place to stay, there’s nothing better than our unique lodging in Missoula, MT.

Our Bed and Breakfast is just minutes from Missoula and offers wonderful views of the Bitterroot River and surrounding mountains. Book your room at our top-rated lodging in Missoula, MT, today.

A woman with kale and other produce from the Missoula Farmers Market

Discover the Missoula Farmers Market in 2023

We’re excited to welcome the Missoula Farmers Market back for its 51st season in 2023, which opens on May 6. Though there are three markets in downtown Missoula, the Missoula Farmers Market is the original market, first opening in 1972. It initially opened as a local farm and garden market and has since blossomed into a spectacular gathering place for the community. Today, the Missoula Farmers Market features a delectable range of freshly grown produce from area farms, including locally raised meat products, a broad range of handmade culinary delights like coffee, baked goods, canned goods, and locally-made face and body products.

In addition to the Missoula Farmers Market, we encourage you to try the other local markets; the Clark Fork River Market and the Missoula Peoples Market. The Clark Fork River Market is the perfect place to grab lunch from one of the many hot food vendors while enjoying some local live music, which typically takes place on Saturdays from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. This market also features a range of local produce, including late-summer Montana huckleberries, freshly baked goods, and locally made products.

The final market worth visiting is the Missoula Peoples Market, which focuses on unique handmade arts and crafts items. You’ll find various artistic items here, including paintings, jewelry, soaps, crystals, clothing, leather bags, furniture, and so much more. It’s a fantastic place to witness the creativity of the Missoula community.

Bed and Breakfast Put Your Feet up and relax at our Lodging in Missoula, MT after visiting the Missoula Farmers Market

The Best Lodging in Missoula, MT, in 2023

Though there are plenty of adventures, both big and small, there’s something so simple and enjoyable about spending a Saturday browsing the Missoula Farmers Market and the other local markets in downtown Missoula. It’s also a great way to get back outside and experience the creative beauty of the Missoula community after a long winter indoors.

The Missoula Farmers Market isn’t all Missoula has to offer this spring, though. With plenty of hiking, biking, birdwatching, and outdoor adventures on our property and in the greater Missoula area, there’s enough to do to keep you busy for days. Our top-rated lodging in Missoula, MT, is waiting for you at the end of the day.

Our Lodging in Missoula, MT, offers guests a quiet, serene location with beautiful gardens, fantastic views of the valley, comfortable accommodations, and exquisite hospitality. We’ll also treat you to a daily breakfast featuring some of the same local produce you find at the Missoula Farmers Market. We love sharing our space with guests and tend to every detail of your stay, so you enjoy the most memorable time in Missoula.

We truly offer the best of both worlds, with a location close to downtown Missoula to enjoy things like the Missoula Farmers Market, yet far enough away to feel as though you’ve truly gotten away. Book your stay at our lodging in Missoula, MT, today!

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