A Breathtaking Ride in the Alberton Gorge

With so much unspoiled wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty in western Montana, it’s easy to see how this town has become a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Though there’s plenty of hiking and biking to enjoy, we also highly recommend a trip to the Alberton Gorge near Missoula.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable Montana fly-fishing trip or an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the water, the Alberton Gorge is the place to be! The Alberton Gorge is part of the Clark Fork River that runs through downtown Missoula – where you’ll just so happen to find even more whitewater fun on Brennan’s Wave! Beyond being a fun trip on the water, rafting through the Alberton Gorge is also a scenic adventure filled with abundant wildlife to enjoy.

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A Man casting his line and enjoying some of the best Montana fly fishing - similar to what you can enjoy on the Alberton Gorge near Missoula

Montana Fly Fishing in the Alberton Gorge

The area around Missoula is home to some of the best Montana fly fishing, thanks to the many high-quality cold waters, perfect for trout. The Alberton Gorge, part of the Clark River, is just one of the many fantastic places for Montana fly fishing in the area. The Clark Fork River is actually one of the longest and largest rivers in Montana and offers an entire range of activities along its banks.

Though there are plenty of places to enjoy Montana fly fishing along the Clark Fork River, the Alberton Gorge is one of the most scenic. The cold waters flowing through here are perfect for brown and rainbow trout. Even so, given the many whitewater stretches along this section of the Clark Fork River, it can be a challenge to access – especially if you aren’t experienced or with a guide!

We highly recommend you go fishing in the Alberton Gorge with a guide, as they know where the best waters are and can guide you to an epic day of trout fishing in Montana. Several companies offer guide services in the area, including those that provide whitewater fishing trips! Given the nature of the river through the Alberton Gorge, this Montana fly fishing adventure is only offered during periods of lower water flow, generally from Mid-August through October.

If you’d rather have a more relaxed approach to your Montana Fly Fishing adventure, plenty of other places along the Clark Fork River offer quiet, calm waters, unlike those found in the Alberton Gorge. Portions of the Upper Clark Fork River are fantastic for trout fishing, particularly around Kelly Island, which is an excellent choice for wade-in fly fishing. It can get a bit crowded, though.

The Lower Clark Fork River gets much bigger and is exceptional for Montana fly fishing. Just be aware of the water and your surroundings, as the current moves fast. This section of the river is popular for fishing via boat.

A group whitewater rafting through a river canyon, similar to what you'd experience whitewater rafting on the Alberton Gorge near Missoula

Whitewater Rafting on the Gorge

While the fishing trips through the Alberton Gorge and exciting and exceptionally beautiful, you can also just plan a traditional whitewater rafting trip through here. In fact, the Alberton Gorge is one of the most popular whitewater rafting destinations in Montana! This particular stretch of water features Class II and III rapids on the Clark Fork River and is around 10 miles long. It sharply contrasts with the otherwise big, open, and relatively flat water of the Upper and Lower Clark Fork River.

With steep canyon walls surrounding the river through the Alberton Gorge, the journey can be just as scenic as it is fun. The best time of year to hit the Alberton Gorge is from June through August, though there continues to be plenty of fun and excellent whitewater adventure into the fall, too. Throughout your trip, you can expect to see bald eagles, osprey, and other wildlife.

Montana River Guides offers several rafting tours for a range of paddlers. Whether you want to take a traditional whitewater rafting trip or try a kayaking or paddleboard adventure through the Alberton Gorge, they’re a great choice! They also offer scenic guided trips for those who don’t want the action but still want to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Alberton Gorge and the Clark Fork River.

If any (or all) of this sounds like a great way to spend time this summer, book your room at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast – the perfect place to relax and unwind after a full day of adventure!

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